What are the Most Bling MP3 Players for Christmas 2006?

Apple, Microsoft, Creative Labs and other manufacturers in a battle to be top Bling.

Elkhart, IN, November 30, 2006 --(PR.com)-- As the Doobie Brothers once said, “Listen to the Music.” The continued strong sales of MP3 players for Christmas 2006 is music to the ears of manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, and Creative Labs. MP3 players are hot bling this Christmas.

The Apple iPod continues to dominate the market. Microsoft has introduced the “Zune” with some unique capabilities, and Creative Labs has several strong selling models.

Apple introduced several new models of iPod this season, including the new iPod Nano. “iPod is a dominant force for Christmas gifts at our web site,” said Jeff Young, spokesman for www.AllAmericanBling.com. “Our top ranked bling is the iPod Shuffle. This is an MP3 player about the size of a quarter. It has 1GB of data storage capability. It is so small it is designed to clip on to your clothes. This makes it perfect to go to the gym with, jog with, go to work with, or just be bling with. The ‘bling factor’ of the iPod Shuffle is enormous. It really is cool, and by extension, makes you look and feel cool. That’s what bling is all about,” said Young.

Microsoft is going to battle with Apple with their freshly introduced “Zune” MP3 player. This device has several innovative features including wireless Zune to Zune sharing of music. There are limits on this such as how long shared music will last on the other shared MP3 player, “But this is still an innovative, bling idea,” the spokesman for AllAmericanBling.com said. “Reviews of the new Microsoft MP3 player are mixed. You can see some of the best reviews of the Zune on our web site, including those from consumers who have been using the new MP3 player,” Young said.

“iPod Reviews have been important to our site, so we wanted to make sure we have lots of reviews of the new Zune too,” said Young.

MP3 players came on the market for dominate use as a way to play digital music downloaded from the Internet, and are now used widely as data storage devices, to play and store videos, as well as to store digital pictures. One of the most popular multimedia players on the market is the Zen Vision 30 GB Widescreen Multimedia Player from Creative Labs. This device has a screen with a wide 16:9 aspect ratio, can hold 120 hours of video, 15,000 songs, or tens of thousands of pictures. “This is in our ‘Top 10 Bling Gift MP3 Players,’” said the spokesman for AllAmericanBling.com.

The Top 10 Bling Gift MP3 Players at AllAmericanBling.com are:

1. The iPod Shuffle
2. Creative Zen V 2GB Portable Media Player
3. 2GB iPod Nano 2nd Generation
4. Zune 30GB Digital Media Player
5. 30GB iPod with Video Playback 5.5 Generation
6. Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB MP3 Player in Pink
7. 80GB iPod with Video Playback 5.5 Generation
8. Creative Zen Vision W 30GB Widescreen Multimedia Player
9. 4GB iPod Nano 2nd Generation in Pink
10. BenQ Joybee 102R MP3 Player 128 MB in Purple

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