Starman Electric Offers Guarantee on Wireless RF Modules

San Luis Obispo, CA, June 03, 2010 --( Starman Electric announces 100% guarantee policy on DataBridge™ Wireless RF modules. The guarantee extends coverage to all wireless products sold by Starman Electric, reducing the risk for new product development. “We know that customers take a risk when developing new products, but we want them to know that Starman Electric stands behind its products one-hundred percent. We’re confident that DataBridge™ Wireless Modules will be reliable and suit many applications well, and we want to share this product with the world,” said Michael Starman, Founder of Starman Electric.

When asked about customers who may abuse the policy, Starman added, “There are always going to be people that take advantage of things, but we’re not going to let a few bad eggs spoil the bunch. We know that overall, people want to know they are getting quality products that work.”

Starman Electric is a fresh wireless company that manufactures DataBridge™ wireless RF modems for easy and reliable point-to-point wireless data transmission of analog, digital, and serial UART signals. Ideal for industrial environments, DataBridge™ Wireless modules integrate both transmitter and receiver and for bi-directional wireless applications such as control, wireless data acquisition for telemetry, or wireless serial cable replacement.

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