LELO Launches Adventurous Accessories Line for Light, Luxurious Sensual Teasing

Los Angeles, CA, June 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- LELO, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products, excitedly announces the launch of its tasteful and tantalizing new accessories line, available online from June 1, 2010. These exquisite and luxurious products are designed to introduce adventurous couples to thrilling yet glamorous and safe-feeling sensual restraint experiences. The first accessories to make their debut include Intima Silk Blindfolds, Sutra Chainlink Cuffs, Etherea Silk Cuffs and Boa Pleasure Ties.

LELO’s entrance into the accessories market takes its lead from its Pleasure Objects’ concept. LELO customers tend to dismiss accessories that are tasteless, crude or graphic-looking -- those that give sexual products a bad reputation and are distinctly outside the mainstream. Just as many couples may have not considered using a sex toy before experiencing a LELO product, they now might consider opening the door to the world of light sensual teasing.

LELO encourages this by presenting the accessories as treasured possessions people can trust and feel good about owning, products than bring a welcome sense of excitement to everyday lives. They are items that can be seen as both natural accessories in a healthy love life or special-occasion treats – reserved for anniversaries, birthdays, congratulatory celebrations or other special events. Not only that, the new accessories move LELO another step forward in sharing the importance of sexual well being, both to human relationships and physical health in general. LELO aims to show the world that healthy sensuality is an important part of life that should be celebrated, not considered shameful and always hidden away from view.

Here are some of the highlights of the new LELO accessories: Showing couples the many pleasures of mystery, Intima Silk Blindfolds are adjustable, beautiful, and made from 100% pure silk. Sutra Chainlink Cuffs meanwhile combine the finest silk with high-quality suede, allowing couples to experience the ultimate fantasy, while balancing the feelings of freedom and restraint. Whether worn around ankles or wrists, Etherea Silk Cuffs can similarly be tied as loosely or tightly as a couple desires, with silk on one side and suede on the other. And the beautifully long, silk Boa Pleasure Ties offer a more innovative approach to sensual teasing, with pouches of freshwater pearls at one end, and stylish metal rings on the other.

Colors for all of the accessories include stylish shades of red, purple and black and can be purchased at www.lelo.com or in selected retail stores worldwide.

Etherea Silk Cuffs - 390 SEK / 39 EURO / 49 USD / 34 GBP
Intima Silk Blindfolds - 390 SEK / 44 EURO / 59 USD / 39 GBP
Sutra Chainlink Cuffs - 660 SEK / 69 EURO / 89 USD / 59 GBP
Boa Pleasure Ties - 590 SEK / 59 EURO / 79 USD / 56 GBP

Christine Boado