3 Sisters Chocolate Announces New Chocolate Pizzas

Jacksonville, FL, June 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 3 Sisters Chocolate, the chocolatier of Super-Gooey-To-Die-For Brownies, Martini Truffles and other chocolates has just expanded its Chocolate Pizza product line-up by introducing six new Chocolate Pizzas. These unique Chocolate Pizza innovations provide more choices to consumers and appeal to their growing demand for trying new and different premium chocolates.

For the last several years, there has been an increasing demand for Chocolate Pizzas. Part of the reason is attributed to a more wide-spread awareness of these products and a consumer desire to try original and more complex flavor profiles. These new Chocolate Pizzas are not the same traditional chocolate and nut varieties available in the marketplace today. Their new flavors include Goji Berry and Almond, Cranberry Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin, Pumpkin Spice with Cayenne Peppers, S’Mores and Trail Mix. A recent 3 Sisters Chocolate customer, Tara Hess, referred to the Cranberry and Walnut Chocolate Pizza as “Heavenly”.

Chocolate lovers want original and unique chocolate combinations as well as share these delicious products with others. These new chocolate pizzas offer consumers a fresh and creative way to give the premium chocolate experience as a gift to their friends and families. “Customers already enjoyed our existing line of chocolate pizzas. The release of our new Chocolate Pizzas creates one of the broadest offerings available and provides a unique shopping option for consumers. In 2010 we increased our investment in new product development. Our new chocolate pizzas are the initial result of this development and weeks of taste testing by our customers”, said Jeff Guy, President.

These Chocolate Pizzas give new life to such nostalgic treats as S’Mores and the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, as well as creating contemporary combinations that incorporate some of today’s most sought after flavors such as the high flavonoid goji berry, heart healthy almonds, the sweet-tart flavor of dried cranberries and the nutty crunchiness of heart healthy, Omega-3 rich, walnuts.

As Denise Rivera of Jacksonville, FL said, “Wow the Goji Berry Almond was fabulous and good for me at the same time”. Chocolate Pizzas are available in slices and whole pizza-pies.

About 3 Sisters Chocolate
3 Sisters Chocolate is located in Jacksonville, FL and specializes in premium chocolates, corporate gifts, wedding and special occasion custom cakes along with bakery items. Our Chocolate Bar and Bakery is a popular community meeting place for people of all ages who love hand-made chocolates, milkshakes and fresh-baked desserts. Whether you are looking for an incredible Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips or Truffles, 3 Sisters Chocolate has the perfect treat.

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