EZonlineFiling.com Launches LLC Education Center to Help Entrepreneurs

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is extremely popular with entrepreneurs, but is also often misunderstood. This Learning Center will answer any questions a business owner may have.

Collierville, TN, June 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Concerns over the potential for being sued in our litigious society is driving entrepreneurs to look for protective havens and the vast majority of them choose a Limited Liability Company, popularly known as an LLC, to shield them from the courts. Although they are wildly popular with small business owners for the legal protections they offer, they are also misunderstood. To solve this problem, EZonlineFiling.com has launched its LLC Education Center, which is a one stop location for answers to just about any question business owners have related to starting or running an LLC.

“Limited Liability Companies are a fantastic tool for business owners,” says Scott Weddle who founded the company. “However, for them to work properly requires a level of understanding that is sometimes missing. To help, we put as much information as possible in one place to give owners the answers they need.”

A quick tour of their website shows that this is just one of the many free resources the company offers. “Our business is in helping entrepreneurs start and run an LLC or Corporation, so it makes sense that we should offer them as much information as possible and the LLC Education Center is just the newest addition to our tool bag” says Weddle. “We also provide free research tools and even do some of the work for them for free.”

To visit the LLC Education Center, just go to http://www.ezonlinefiling.com/llc-education-center-index.php or visit their homepage at http://www.EZonlineFiling.com.

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Scott Weddle