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This pair of acrylic display easels is being featured to hold books, plaques or decorative plates. The acrylic easels are available in either 6" high or 8" high models, and are designed for counter top display purposes.

Bristol, RI, June 09, 2010 --(, a DisplayShops specialty site, is now featuring a pair of acrylic display easels designed to present books, plates, or commemorative plaques at counter top level. These translucent stands, acrylic display easels are constructed out of clear acrylic that is meant to blend in with any decor. This acrylic collection features display easels measuring 6" or 8" high.

"This acrylic line of counter top display easels has a translucent, clear finish that makes your displayed item the major focal point," explains Sandra Reno, marketing analyst for "Plus, these clear displays are small and compact, and therefore, take up minimal counter space in a retail or commercial setting."

This acrylic collection is designed to display leather bound books, plaques, or collector plates in a retail, commercial or residential environment. The clear displays can present retail items in such a way that the merchandise is enhanced. Additionally, the countertop display stands come in bulk packaging for your convenience.

"These acrylic display easels showcase such items as artwork, sports plaques, and books," Reno continues. "They can also be used to prop open literature for easy reading, and additionally nest into each other for easy storage.

This pair of acrylic display easels is available in two different sizes, offering retailers two options for displaying merchandise. is an excellent resource for display easels of all styles, including wooden artists easels and metal presentation easels. Also available are classroom display easels, portable easel displays, and more counter top displays in different styles. For more information, visit online.
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