Robyn Pellei, Stay-at-Home, Home-School Mother of 9 Children Wins National Mom Entrepreneur Contest

Robyn Pellei, CEO of ViveVita (roughly translated "Living Life") won First Place in the 2010 Business Baby Shower nation-wide competition for Mompreneurs.

Charlotte, NC, June 10, 2010 --( The Business Baby Shower is a contest to celebrate entrepreneurial moms and all they do to birth and grow a successful company while balancing family life.

Robyn Pellei is the perfect example of this.

"She makes the Cat in the Hat's balancing tricks look like baby food." --Dave, Robyn's husband

Robyn is the mother of 9 children (2 adopted, 7 biological), all aged 10 and under. She home-school educates the children, manages the house, and runs a successful business with international distribution.

ViveVita: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Robyn became tired of everyday problems in the home, to which there were either no good solutions, or the solutions were industrial and "klunky". So she created ViveVita, a company that makes pretty solutions for everyday living.

Participants of the competition completed an application process as well as submitted a two minute video of their business for consideration by a panel of judges, which included Tamara Monosoff of Mom Invented, Stacey Kannenberg of Cedar Valley Publishing and Andrew Morrison of Small Business Camp.

Two of Robyn's products, currently on the market are:

Bandette™, the only drink labeling band on the market that has a distinctive character face or icon and color that enables a child to recognize their own cup even before they can read. This helps end cup confusion and decrease germ spread, which makes Moms very happy. It also has a unique writable nameplate where you can write a child’s name, any allergies, identify drink contents and date, etc. Bandette™ also fits most baby bottles and makes a great baby shower gift.

Gripsterz™ is the child leash alternative that uses a child’s natural tendency to grip and hold a small, palm-sized toy and combines it with a clip and walking rope system to keep a child close to parents while allowing them enough room to explore their environment. Gripsterz™ also comes with a fun character book that helps children get an idea of what to expect and what will be expected of them when they are out and about in common public places. In this way, Gripsterz™ takes the fear of the unexpected out of a trip and replaces it with a fun, enjoyable experience for both parent and child. This makes a great gift idea for parents and grandparents. It attaches easily to a stroller, a shopping cart, a handbag, or a carrier--just in time for summer.

Bandette™ is now being sold in Babies-R-Us and on Gripsterz™ is available in retail stores and through various retailers at Amazon, and both are available internationally with distributorships in Canada and Australia, and early trade agreements in South Africa and the Philippines.

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