Greenest IT in Canada Award Announces Empower Software as Finalist

Toronto, Canada, June 10, 2010 --( Success in developing portable energy management software for the smart grid has earned Empower Software a finalist for the Greenest IT in Canada.

Empower Software,, a Vancouver –based start up, was acknowledged in the Quest for Canada’s Greenest IT by premier research firm Info-tech Research Group for their environmental and conservation excellence with respect to their SmartHome application. Empower’s SmartHome allows consumers to monitor their home energy consumption in real time without the need of an additional in home display. Empower’s demand response applications have shown to reduce consumers energy consumption from between 5-20% while leveraging existing technology such as a PC or a smart phone to view their energy consumption.

Michael Silmont, Empower’s COO, said “This nomination validates Empower’s product vision and the company’s efforts to make energy management truly aligned with environmental stewardship. Traditionally energy monitoring has been done via an independent in-home display purchased at a hardware store or provided by the utilities. With seven million homes in Canada and ninety million in the US we’ve successfully leveraged existing hardware while eliminating the potential of 100 million superfluous displays eventually ending up in landfill.”

Utilities are currently going through a rapid transformation and under immense pressures to bring the smart grid to their customers’ homes with engaging and meaningful information, Silmont added. Smart Home empowers consumers to make real time informed decisions before they consume energy so they can lower their costs and actively engage in conservation.

About Empower Software:
Based in Vancouver BC, Empower is a leading edge energy management software company that works with utilities to help consumers understand their energy costs and how they can save money on their energy bills. With Empower’s engaging visual information and insightful messaging about their usage, consumer behavior reduces peak consumption significantly reducing costs and cutting carbon emissions. For more information, please visit or call us at 604.568.3410

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