MetaCommunications Announces Workgroups 2010 R2

Workgroups 2010 Release 2 (R2) packs in over 150 new or enhanced features, including visual dashboards, customizable menus, file version control, file check-in/check-out, enhanced soft proofing tools, Adobe CS5 integration, and dozens more features.

Iowa City, IA, September 16, 2010 --( MetaCommunications today announced Release 2 (R2) of its Workgroups 2010 project management, workflow & productivity management suite will begin shipping on June 14, 2010. Workgroups 2010 R2 is a major upgrade to MetaCommunications' flagship software suite used by advertising, marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress workgroups worldwide. Workgroups 2010 R2 includes over 150 new and enhanced features including major new additions to its workflow, file management, and soft proofing capabilities.

"The new features in Workgroups 2010 R2 mark one of the most significant releases since the suite began shipping in 2006," said Robert T. Long, President of MetaCommunications. "The new project workflow and productivity management capabilities, innovative file and document management, highly-customizable interface, intuitive soft proofing tools, along with the dozens and dozens of customer requested features and usability enhancements, really opens a new chapter in team productivity."

A comprehensive list of the new and enhanced features available in Workgroups 2010 R2 is available on the product's features page.

Join a Live Webinar Demo of Workgroups 2010 R2

MetaCommunications is hosting live demonstration tours of Workgroups 2010 R2 including first-hand looks at file version control, file check-in/check-out, the new workflow scheduling, and a wide selection of the nearly 150 new features and enhancements available in this release. Interested parties can register for a demonstration on the MetaCommunications website.

About Workgroups 2010 R2

The Workgroups 2010 R2 suite suite is a tightly integrated collaborative process and productivity management suite for marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress. Workgroups 2010 R2 is available for in-house installation or as a hosted solution on Workgroups 2010 R2 is comprised of four key modules, and provides an open and flexible solution so that users can adopt the modules of the suite that meet their initial needs while retaining the ability to easily expand the solution later.

Workgroups 2010 R2 consists of the following four core components:

* Virtual Ticket, a configurable project and workflow solution that brings together all the components of your work in a centralized location, including project briefs, job tickets, schedules, customer information, associated document files, and more.
* Approval Manager, an approval management workflow tool for managing, tracking, and scheduling any proof review process within and across marketing, creative design and production environments.
* Digital Storage Manager, a powerful storage management solution designed to integrate a workgroup's file management into the overall creative design and production workflow. The solution associates files with projects, archives & retrieves files, and enables users to quickly find digital files for creative design or production processes.
* Job Manager, a powerful suite of financial management tools that enable users to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, quickly generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information with industry leading accounting systems.

By combining all four components in a streamlined, integrated suite, Workgroups 2010 R2 unites and empowers workgroups by facilitating collaboration, automating processes, centralizing information, managing workflows, tracking files, and measuring key financial and productivity metrics.

Pricing and Availability

The Workgroups 2010 R2 suite is available immediately. Free upgrades are provided to customers who participate in the Meta Assurance support and upgrade program. New systems are priced affordably with complete multi-user suite bundles starting at $3,995. Workgroups component applications --Virtual Ticket, Approval Manager, Digital Storage Manager, and Job Manager-- may be purchased individually, starting at $1,695. MetaCommunications products are available from authorized resellers, system integrators, distributors and OEM partners. For more information, visit the Purchase page for details.

Software for Students Program

MetaCommunications provides its software free of charge to qualified educational institutions. Please visit the Software for Students Program page on our website for more information..

About MetaCommunications

MetaCommunications develops workflow and collaborative productivity solutions that help marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress workgroups around the world be more productive. With over 1000 customer sites worldwide, MetaCommunications has the solid experience and range of solutions to quickly help creative organizations take their productivity to the next level through improved processes, workflows, and communications. For more information about MetaCommunications, please visit

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