Ecotrain Media Group Launches Eco Professional “Find Your Own Green Job” Seminar; Secure Your Future

A Great Place to Start Your Green Job Search.

Portland, OR, June 15, 2010 --( The current economic depression has resulted in unemployment rates around double digits, currently 9.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This downturn has left more than 15 million people without a job, many foreclosing on their homes, and leaving families with unfair questions of uncertainty. The current administration is promising jobs while transitioning to a new green economy. That still leaves main street in question as to what is a green job, where are these jobs at, and how does this help me? Well now, an absolutely brilliant new green jobs seminar service offered by Ecotrain Media Group allows job seekers, students, or people transitioning their career; a new and advantageous way in finding their green career pathway, securing their future in a green economy.

Included in the cost, Ecotrain Media Group supplies the seminar participant with a 2010.2011 Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac. The green job seminar will step you through the recently published Ecotrain Almanac answering the 10 most frequently asked questions in regards to getting started on your green career pathway. The purpose is simple, to further assist. The 2010.2011 Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac is easy to read, but can be overwhelming with getting started information; this seminar alleviates that exhaustive feeling, and guides you easily through. Ecotrain’s Green Jobs Seminar personally customizes each PowerPoint presentation with the audience allowing Ecotrain Media Group to individually address each participant’s specific needs. Part of this service is highlighting the pages of the Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac that will directly impact their lives the most upon leaving the seminar, and landing their next green job. The participant leaves with a desktop reference companion continually assisting you even after you land that job. Ecotrain Media Group’s 2010 Green Job seminar furthers their mission of being the direct information bridge between green thought and green action.

Here is what others are saying:

“The Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac is a must-see reference tool designed to assist you in your green job search or transition into the fiercely competitive green workforce. This guide will provide you with the know-how to get networked, get educated, and where to submit resumes for your green career destination.”
Portland State University Career Center

The Green Living Journal just reviewed the Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac saying this.

“This almanac style publication has 223 pages full of information on and reference links to green or sustainable industries, employers, staffing and recruiting firms, educational institutions, associations, books, investors, venture capitalists, and events. Well organized and indexed, it even comes with a glossary of terms. If you are serious about your green career then you should invest in this reference book.”
Green Living Journal, review by Gary Munkhoff

An Ecotrain Green Job seminar costs $75, but this includes you taking home the $45 Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac, and 4 hours of personable time with speaker and Ecotrain cofounder Kevin Pile.

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