Atlas Copco Launches New Small Oil-Injected Compressor, Matching Indian Market Requirements

Pune, India, June 17, 2010 --( Atlas Copco launches the EXELLENCE oil-injected 11-30 kW GAe/GAe VSD compressor family. With a Free Air Delivery (FAD) and Specific Energy Requirement (SER) fitted to the highest demands of the Indian market and aligned with the governmental increased concern on energy saving and environmental impact. These oil-injected compressors are one of the most compact and silent ever to operate on a work floor in this kW range. The integrated dryer simultaneously enhances energy efficiency and air quality. To operate and deliver full capacity in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C, offering intuitive monitoring interfaces while the gearbox of gear driven compressor is extremely reliable and completely protected against dirt. All GAe/GAe VSD models are all produced in Atlas Copco world-class facilities in Pune.

Atlas Copco has designed the oil-injected fixed speed compressor, the GAe 11-30, and the variable speed version, the GAe 18-30 VSD, premium according the Indian market requirements. This new compressor range has been assembled in India with carefully selected and tested high quality components. This range of small GAe/GAe VSD compressors is suiting for a variety of applications and industries including workshops, assembly, packaging, automotive, woodworking, printing, textiles, construction materials manufacturing, plastics production and molding, oil and gas activities and so on.

More air with less energy
Higher Free Air Delivery (FAD) allows customers to select smaller compressors for the same air demand, saving both money and energy. Atlas Copco’s engineering breakthroughs have resulted in a GAe30 with an FAD increase up to 80 l/s. (+6%).

Specific Energy Requirement (SER) is the true measure of how much less electricity a compressor will use. As any Atlas Copco VSD the GAe VSD can save up to 35%, these newly launched Atlas Copco compressors have one of the lowest SERs achievable today, making them amongst the most energy efficient on the market. Energy consumption can be reduced even further in the full feature version by integrating a more efficient dryer range in the unit.

The next generation technology of the variable speed drive (VSD) increases performance, shows lower sensitivity to dust and achieves standard very low harmonic distortion.

Quality standards of the GAe/GAeVSD ranges have also been raised towards unseen levels thanks to standard lubrication with high quality synthetic oil.

Smaller, quieter
Size and noise are barriers for installing compressors close to the consumer. The further away they are installed, the more energy is lost through pressure drops. Pressure drops of just 0,5 bar(e) with a 22 kW machine are equivalent to the electricity consumption of one household. With a very small footprint of maximum 1.02 m2, each of the new GAe/GAeVSD models in this range takes up very little space. They are characterized by very low noise levels and an optimized sound quality resulting in a direct positive impact in workshop environments by improving the comfort of the operator.

A step ahead in monitoring and controls
The new and improved Elektronikon® and Elektronikon® graphic raises Atlas Copco’s standards for control and monitoring. This user-friendly controller with unique control algorithms saves energy by operating the compressor at optimal levels while the advanced timers optimize servicing intervals.

Energy consumption is further reduced by the Patented Saver Cycles that control the fan on the GAe 18-30 VSD range.

Drive for overall efficiency
Introducing new energy-efficient premium models GAe 11-30 and GAe 18-30 VSD range further increases our customer’s energy savings and enhance performance, underlining Atlas Copco’s positioning of be best in market and Commitment towards a better environment.

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