Sarbanes Oxley Act and Japanese SOX (J-SOX) - New Training Course from Compliance LLC

Compliance LLC ( announced a new training course for the Japanese market with the title: "Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Sarbanes Oxley Act in the USA and the World"

Wilmington, DE, December 05, 2006 --( Compliance LLC (, a leading international provider of Basel ii and Sarbanes Oxley training, is delighted to announce a new training course for the Japanese market with the title: "Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Sarbanes Oxley Act in the USA and the World"

“After the European version of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, we have a Japanese one, with the unofficial name J-SOX. It is a very serious effort, and one more step towards an international market and a flat world,” said George Lekatis, General Manager and Chief Compliance Consultant of Compliance LLC. 

“Everything is in the J-SOX. The obligations of Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 302 and Section 404, the internal controls framework, the new role of the auditors. Our 3 days course has been designed to help managers and professionals understand their new challenges, responsibilities and potential liabilities. And, to avoid the mistakes we made in the USA and the world trying to implement the Sarbanes Oxley Act.” 

George Lekatis has led Sarbanes Oxley and Basel ii classes in more that 30 countries. He will be the seminar director in Japan. He said: “The Basic Framework of Internal Control under J-SOX is very similar to the COSO framework we use for Sarbanes Oxley Compliance. COSO is a very important part of the course. We will cover the similarities and the differences of the American and the Japanese framework. It is amazing to see that the Japanese framework is wider than COSO. There are four corporate objectives in the Japanese framework (instead of three in COSO):

(1) effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
(2) reliability of financial reports;
(3) compliance with laws and regulations relating to business activities;
(4) preservation of assets

There are six basic elements in the Japanese framework (instead of five in COSO):
(1) control environment
(2) risk assessments and responses
(3) control activities
(4) information and communication
(5) monitoring
(6) IT support

The emphasis on IT support in Japan is a very important and challenging difference between the two frameworks,” added George Lekatis, who has more than 17,000 hours of teaching experience, leading classes from the States to Cayman Islands to London, to Dubai, to Singapore. 

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