Cramer Toyota Offers Affordable Synthetic Oil Changes

Cramer Toyota of Venice breaks pace from the market norm, offering synthetic oil changes for under $50.

Venice, FL, June 17, 2010 --( Cramer Toyota of Venice Slashes Price on Synthetic Oil Change

Expensive synthetic oil once used only in pricey import European cars has gone main stream. Starting in 2010 many of the middle market Japanese imports started making this a requirement. Toyota now recommends and or requires 0W20 synthetic oil in many of their new vehicles. The reasons are simple; better gas mileage, longer engine life and less waste oil into the environment. With those benefits, comes a price tag. An average synthetic oil change can cost close to $100 at many repair shops. Cramer Toyota of Venice felt like charging that kind of premium to Toyota customers was not fair. Cramer Toyota General Manager Richard Bond said “We believe in the everyday low price theory. We want to sell and service the vehicle. Our promise to our customers is fast, affordable service.” Cramer Toyota’s philosophy is that the Toyota buyer needed an affordable solution. Cramer Toyota used its buying power to negotiate a deal to supply its customers with a Synthetic Castrol Oil change for $39.95. Trucks can get it done for $49.95. Once again Cramer Toyota of Venice proves that changing your oil at the dealer can be an affordable option.

Cramer Toyota of Venice
Richard Bond