MapleSyrupWorld’s New E-commerce Site Sweetens the Online Maple Syrup World

Dallas, TX, June 19, 2010 --( MapleSyrupWorld today announced the launch of its new stylish transactional site that provides a selection of handpicked high quality maple products and a community portal of free information and recipes relating to maple syrup. MapleSyrupWorld offers maple lovers from all over the globe high quality well-priced organic maple syrup and maple products, such as maple cream, maple caramel and maple sugar in chic bottles of assorted shapes through a stylish, well designed, secure website:

“Maple syrup is the perfect substitute for health conscious people looking for a tasty alternative to sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners,” says founder’s Richard Potvin. “We’re catering to that health trend by carrying a complete line of high quality organic maple products that are well priced and ready to ship anywhere. Our online store was conceived in response to the lacking condition of the online maple market. It was in dire need of a revamp in terms of products and offerings. By merging our e-commerce and website expertise with our lifelong passion for the sweet stuff, we’ve been able to create a quality shopping experience out of We offer the lowest price on everything from the classic maple syrup jug to the exquisite Galone and Basque maple syrup bottle that looks fabulous on our customers’ table. We’re saps for style here too. The website is well designed for user friendliness and it also wins points for giving back some elegance to the online world of maple syrup.” aims to be the leading community resource for maple syrup lovers to share recipes and ideas. “We want people to submit their favorite recipes that feature maple syrup so we’re offering a 10% discount incentive on your first purchase for all the crafty cooks who contribute recipes,” says Potvin. “Our customers know maple syrup tastes great on pancakes but aren’t necessarily aware of its low glycemic index and antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties. Or that it easily replaces white or brown sugar for cooking and baking. And it’s vegan.” The site provides the maple community with an informative portal for industry news and a wide assortment of great recipes, and it’s stocked with all the mouth-watering maple products needed to make them.

Richard Potvin