Social Media and Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investors Look to Gain a Marketing Edge with Social Media Tools.

Marietta, GA, June 20, 2010 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us focused this week’s show on leveraging social media to improve marketing for buyers, sellers and networking with other investors and vendors in local markets. The discussion on the show was led by Harrison Painter, realtor and social media consultant.

Mr. Painter, host of Coffee with Harrison shared some of his learnings about utilizing social media in the real estate industry. One tipped he shared was to have a plan for what your social media marketing plan will accomplish. Go into it with the understanding that your full time business is to be a realtor or real estate investor and not spend all of your time on social media sites.

Harrison explained that the top sites such as Facebook and Twitter is the place to start your social media campaign. His suggestion is to be a consultant for potential clients in your local real estate market. Find people to follow and answer questions others ask about your real estate market.

Real estate investors have the potential to become leaders in their market in the distressed property niche as there are many people in trouble on their mortgage today and Twitter is a place to go to seek out somewhat anonymous advice on the situation. Real estate investors can then build relationships by being the go to person in their market.

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