EverlastingHealthDirectory.com Joins Forces with Health & Wellness Experts to Educate Consumers

EverlastingHealthDirectory.com joins forces with health & wellness experts & WoahMedia.com to launch a digital billboard powered online campaign, designed specifically to educate & encourage consumers to pursue healthy, enlightened lifestyles.

Toronto, Canada, June 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Whether it is a life coach that offers career guidance, a relationship coach that helps you to save your marriage or a holistic healthcare practitioner that steers you towards newfound health, the health & wellness industry, is an industry dedicated to helping you to become a better, you.

The fact is: "There are millions of people seeking hope, evaluating their health, wealth and finances, during these hard recession influenced times. They are looking for guidance and answers to what the future holds in every area of their lives," says Beverly Isla, Founder, EverlastingHealthDirectory.com.

Why? Well, the old ways of running businesses and even countries are crumbling. The disenchanted and the enlightened are searching for information that may influence the path the next half of their lives take.

With this keen understanding, EverlastingHealthDirectory.com joined forces with WoahMedia.com and health & wellness experts to build an online community, powered by digital billboard and web 2.0 technology, dedicated solely to creating and sharing content that can have an impact on peoples’ lives.

According to Matrix Thompson, VP, WoahMedia.com, "The health & wellness industry is typically amongst the first to embrace—changes in lifestyle, career and financial thinking —however, it is often the last to embrace technology."

"This fact makes our partnership with EverLastingHealthDirectory.com and health & wellness expert very timely," adds Thompson. He claims that, "In an industry that has been slow to embrace technology, EverlastingHealthDirectory.com powered by digital billboard and web 2.0 technology, is making it really easy for health & wellness experts to share their knowledge with more than 600,000 journalists, bloggers, rss feed subscribers and millions of Internet users." With just a click, anyone can view articles, videos, and links to industry professionals, interact with like-minded people, and easily share content across thousands of websites. Enlightened vendors can enhance their market reach, and in doing so educate more people by enhancing article publication digital billboard and newswire distribution.

EverlastingHealthDirectory.com is currently searching for experts in the field of self- development, alternative health, spirituality, relationship and fitness to contribute valuable material. This material will be introduced to more than 600,000 journalists, bloggers and RSS feed subscribers as well as millions of Internet users that subscribe to and, or receive WoahMedia.com content.

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At the Everlasting Health social media directory we scour the Internet in search of knowledge and truth. It showcases conscious leaders, practitioners and entrepreneurs that guide others to achieve abundance. Once identified, we aggregate & share enlightened information, ideas & solutions with the Internet community. You can learn more at http://www.everlastinghealthdirectory.com

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