ThermaPod Launches New ThermaPod Mini

Aurora, Canada, June 30, 2010 --( ThermaPod, a division of Axiom Group Inc of Aurora, Ontario is launching its new ThermaPod Mini, an innovative and high tech food container.

“This exciting new take on the lunchbox is a big step forward for an industry that has not had a major change in decades,” said Axiom Group President Perry Rizzo. “This lunchbox not only keeps food safer and cleaner, but it also will help stimulate the local economy, as every ThermaPod is made right here at our Aurora factory.”

The idea for the Thermapod was thought up in 2006 by Perry Rizzo’s wife, Sandra. It was a constant battle every morning having to make lunch for their four boys, who were all under the age of ten. One day in frustration, she asked her husband, who was President of the local plastic manufacturing company if Axiom Group could make an innovative food container that could store food in a safe manner, be microwaveable, freezable and easy to clean. Two years later, the successful original ThermaPod was released to the market. After some issues relating to the large size and weight of the original, it was taken off the market to be replaced by the smaller ThermaPod Mini, or MiniPod.

As one of the largest plastic car parts manufacturers in the area, Axiom Group has the facilities to make all ThermaPods right here in the York Region. Every ThermaPod is BPA and lead free, recyclable and FDA approved. They are also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Additionally, the ThermaPod Mini has a hidden compartment in the middle that is perfect for storing cutlery, and can optionally come with a pack of exclusive cutlery with built in compartments for storing salt and pepper or salad dressing.

ThermaPods come in five colours (green, black, blue, pink or yellow) and can be ordered online at or can be found at select fine retailers. This product is perfect for children in school, people who work away from home, travelers or anyone else that needs to transport a meal.


About Axiom Group Inc.
Formed in 1987, Axiom Group Inc. offers complete design, development and production services for the plastics, electronics and consumer industries. Axiom is headquartered in an ISO-9000 and TS-16949 certified facility in Aurora, Ontario and has two other plants; Axiom Technologies & Engineering Centre is in Port Huron, Michigan and Axiom Italia in Forenza, Italy.

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