Nola Green, LLC Begins Commercial Acquisitions Department

The projected deluge of commercial defaults results in the need for a full-time commercial acquisitions team.

New Orleans, LA, July 01, 2010 --( President Lauren Giovingo announces the need for a full-time commercial acquisitions team to take advantage of the ensuing commercial defaults projected over the next three to five years.

While the residential storm appears to remain in full stride, Government interference in the residential market is resulting in a questionable recovery. Ms. Giovingo states “While the intention of the government has been stated to help the average American stay in their homes, history has proven time and again that government interference in the free market economy rarely results in a rapid recovery, and more often results in lengthening the recovery and aggravating the markets and creating volatility. The commercial markets are not expected to receive nearly the interference seen in the residential markets, thus making a recovery easier to understand and predict.”

The recovery is anticipated to last for the next few years, and the opportunity to pick up distressed properties at a significant discount exists currently and Nola Green wants to be poised to ride the wave. Nola Green anticipates teaming with distressed negotiators, and capital funds to purchase commercial real estate.

Nola Green, LLC
J. Jake Wiley