L'il Darlins LLC Picks 4th of July to Announce Its Closing

Notification of L'il Darlins LLC Business Closing.

Honey Brook, PA, July 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The 4th of July is a day to celebrate America's independence as well as to be thankful for being part of building a nation that has given Americans so many freedoms and opportunities. L'il Darlins LLC truly appreciates this day for having been given the opportunity to pursue the great American dream by starting its business in 2007. Faithful customers have given L'il Darlins the support needed with sufficient purchases to carry them through this terrible recession over the last 2 years but it has taken a toll. Although their manufacturing costs have doubled, they have strived to continually reduce their retail prices for customers without giving in to outsourcing production to China, Mexico, or Indonesia. Made in the USA has never left their product labels.

With saddened hearts, L'il Darlins will be closing its doors by the end of the year, if not sooner, depending on how fast they can reduce their inventories. With that in mind, they ask one last time for a helping hand, not to buy anything (but that would be great), but to forward this news via email to any number of friends in hope that they may see something that they might want to buy. A chain email to people who haven't heard about L'il Darlins just might help them to go out of business more gracefully. They stated that it truly was a delight in building their business from scratch and doing business with such great customers, both wholesale and retail.

Leslie Smith & Jeanne Roth
Co-Founders of L'il Darlins, LLC

L'il Darlins, LLC
Leslie Smith