Rino Mechanical Offers Stock or Customized Gearbox Solutions

Freeport, NY, July 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Engineered solutions using stock or customized gearboxes are now available from precision gearbox manufacturer, Rino Mechanical. Misalignment couplings, gears, sprockets and pulleys can be installed and sub plate mounted as needed. Rino engineered solutions can be used in multiple gearbox applications or as replacements for old gearboxes. Gearboxes or engineered solutions from Rino are designed to fit odd or existing spaces. Gearboxes from the precision gearbox manufacturer come with a 3 year warranty and can be viewed at: http://www.rinomechanical.com/gearbox_engineered-drive-solution.htm

Also announced by the precision mechanical gearbox manufacturer is Rapid Response Engineering Assistance under which detailed analysis of the project and CAD drawings would be made available to seekers.

Rino Mechanical gearbox selection includes worm wheel flanged gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, hi-torque gearboxes, planetary gearboxes etc. Recently added to the Rino gearboxes collection are the cross-axis gearboxes. Cross-axis gearboxes can be reached at: http://rinomechanical.com/gearbox_cross-axis.htm. Other precision mechanical components available from Rino Mechanical are spur gears, bellows couplings, plastic spur gears, flexible shaft couplings, etc.

Rino Mechanical, which was recently awarded the ISO9001:2008 certificate, offers gearbox solutions for a wide range of industry applications such as food machinery, semiconductor processing, packaging machinery, medical diagnostic equipment, and all sorts of usual and unusual applications.

The engineered drive solutions offer Torques to 600 inch-lbs at 2000 rpm with ratios 1:1 to 120:1 (Higher torque at lower rpm’s) and Torques to 1800 inch-lbs at 2000 rpm with ratios 6:1 to 24:1(Higher torque at lower rpm’s).

Rino Mechanical President, Mr. Steve Pullman talked about engineered driven solutions on the announcement, “Engineered solutions from Rino (read rugged gearboxes) are built from toughest materials available to survive through 24/7 industrial applications. Not only this, if a stock solution does not fulfill your engineer requirement then you can order for a custom gearbox solution! Plus with our rapid response engineering assistance, you will be provided a detailed analysis of your mechanical project along with CAD drawings for ensuring accurate decisions.”

Gearboxes, misalignment couplings and other components offered at Rino Mechanicals are rated for 24/7 operations.

“Whatever your engineering requirement, Rino will have solutions and suggestions ready for it. We have gearboxes, couplings, gears, dowel pins, sprockets and pulleys mounted that will be aligned and ready to install in the system. Our engineers will not just work on a solution but give you the best possible engineering assistance result of years of experience in manufacturing and engineering precision components and gearbox solutions. With Rino engineering solutions and assistance, your machine design will be in safe hands.” affirmed Mr. Pullman.

Engineered drive solutions using stock or customized gearboxes for different applications can be viewed at: http://www.rinomechanical.com/gearbox_engineered-drive-solution.htm

And the recently added cross-axis gearboxes are available at: http://www.rinomechanical.com/gearbox_cross-axis.htm

About RinoMechanical.com
Forming in 1988, Rino Mechanical Components Inc. is a precision mechanical components company, founded by Steve Pullman and Dennis Berg. A wide range of precision mechanical components including shafts, shaft couplings, spur gears, gearboxes, shoulder screws, and much more are available at RinoMechanical.com.

The precision mechanical components company offers a Blanket Order Assurance Program to ensure low costs without risks. All RinoMechanical.com precision components come with a 3 year warranty.

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