Sea Island Coffee Announces Rare Coffee Partnership with Pitcairn Island Coffee Farmer

The Pitcairn coffee, a very rare coffee that is grown on the only inhabited island of the Pitcairn Islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean, known from from the history of the HMS Bounty mutineers, has now finally made it to Sea Island Cofffee's collection. It is a rare coffee with a hint of hazelnuts and tobacco.

London, United Kingdom, July 05, 2010 --( Sea Island Coffee Ltd., Europe’s leading specialist in exotic coffees, has announced its partnership with Jacqui Christian of Pitcairn Island, the remote island in the South Pacific. The last remaining British overseas territory in the Pacific, the Pitcairn Islands are formed by a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, of which only the second largest, Pitcairn, is inhabited.

Guy Wilmot of Sea Island Coffee said, “The islands are best known as home of the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, and the Tahitians who accompanied them. With only 50 inhabitants from nine families, Pitcairn is also notable for being the least populated and most remote jurisdiction in the world. Indeed, the Mutiny and the mutineers' families were immortalised in great Hollywood films.

“As one would expect from the Pitcairn Islands, this coffee is exceedingly rare. Growing wild on the fertile volcanic soil of Pitcairn and harvested by Jacqui Christian, whose ancestry is obvious, it is produced in tiny quantities. We are lucky indeed to have this long lost coffee in our possession such is the challenge of sourcing and producing it. For example, Pitcairn lacks a harbour or airstrip forcing all trade to be made by longboat to and from the occasional visiting ship. Its volcanic and maritime location is clearly influential on the coffee’s taste which is redolent of hazelnuts and tobacco with a pleasing, slightly salty, acidity and a long clean, caramel aftertaste.”

“It is currently being produced in very small quantities by Jacqui Christian and we are very proud that she has chosen Sea Island Coffee to promote and market this unique and incredibly rare coffee.”

Sea Island Coffee Ltd
Clara Malmros