Growlers Pourhouse: Serving Craft Beer & Beer Food, to Open in Charlotte in August

Growlers Pourhouse will open in August in Charlotte, NC. The new restaurant concept will serve a rotating American Craft Beer menu, that can be purchased by the glass or for a table in growlers (64oz vessels). Alongside Craft Beer, the restaurant will uniquely serve "beer food." Follow the opening on facebook or twitter (@GrowlersPH).

Charlotte, NC, July 03, 2010 --( Charlotte’s craft brew community is bustling—from the Charlotte Beer Club and Craft Beer week in March to Olde Mecklenburg Brewing Company and Charlotte’s new Four Friends Brewing. And now, there’s a new home for it all: Growlers Pourhouse, opening in August 2010.

Craft brewing has long been a popular trade in human history, but from 1920 to 1933, the 18th Amendment was in full swing in the United States, prohibiting the sale of alcohol. Alcohol companies plummeted, redirecting revenue growth into different products like ginger ale, root beer, and ice cream. Despite the restraints on alcohol sales, it was a burgeoning time for America. Flapper dresses, art deco, and Model Ts were the MO—and as the sale of alcohol was legally removed from bars and restaurants and saloons, it began to rise up in more private places. Bars would often hide their alcohol business from authorities by charging people an entrance fee and giving alcohol to entrants. It was a win win. As bars attempted to survive, alcohol also began to bustle in the home-brewing arena, and underground craft brewing began to thrive.

Growlers Pourhouse celebrates American craft beer by serving a rotating menu of harder-to-find craft beers like Smuttynose, Left Hand, Lagunitas and Bear Republic. “The idea behind Growlers Pourhouse is to give people an authentic craft beer experience. We rotate our beers to keep our menu fresh and encourage people to try new beers—but we will always have 12 core styles that people are looking for,” says Jeff Tonidandel, owner of Growlers Pourhouse and Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub. “Those who love craft beer know that beer can be as unique and interesting as wine—and Growlers is offering that uniqueness to its customers.”

So what’s the deal with the “beer food”? Tonidandel says it was just the perfect way of describing the menu. “All the food on the menu was specifically chosen because it has been traditionally served with beer. We want to stay true to that, again, to give our customers an authentic craft beer experience.” The menu includes “beer food” such as oysters, housemade sausages and brats, cheese, chips & homemade dips and several delectable Americana desserts all made in house.

Growlers Pourhouse is located on the corner of 35th and N. Davidson, right next to Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub.

Twitter: @GrowlersPH

Growlers Pourhouse
Jeff Tonidandel