Landlords Save Money with Regular Property Inspections

Real Estate Investing Show Helps Landlords Keep Up with Regular Maintenance.

Marietta, GA, July 03, 2010 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us is a top 15 iTunes Business Podcast that provides real estate investing information for investors and realtors alike. This week hosts Judson Voss and Allison McArthur interviewed landlord and author, Scott Taylor, The 15 Minute Landlord.

The interview focused not on how to get homes rented or how to find cash flow homes but instead how to keep up with the homes once they are rented. Mr. Taylor explained that many first time landlords don’t take the simple steps of doing ongoing and regular inspections of their properties. In fact many first time landlords don’t visit their properties after they are rented until the tenants move out at the end of the lease.

During the discussion the hosts found that doing regular and on going inspections of the property allow for landlords to keep a pulse on how the property is being cared for but also let’s them monitor any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Deferring maintenance can be one of the most costly expense for landlords who hold properties for long periods of time. Some simple maintenance that may cost less than $100 today could help avoid thousands of dollars in repairs a few years down the road.

Mr. Taylor also explained that by visiting the home on a regular basis and getting to speak with the tenants allows for a relationship to be built. A well maintained home can lead to a happy long term tenant. For landlords one of the greatest expenses is turnover in tenants and having to fill vacancies so a few extra dollars in maintenance today could save quite a bit in the future. For more information about being a landlord, cash flow homes and other investing topics, visit or get it for free on iTunes at For details of the upcoming real estate investors conference visit

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