DataMentors, a Full-Service Data Quality Company, Chosen by Gartner Fourth Consecutive Year

DataMentors LLC, the industry-leading, full-service data quality and management solutions company, announces its inclusion in the June 2010 Gartner "Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant" report.

Tampa, FL, July 07, 2010 --( DataMentors LLC (, the industry-leading, full-service data quality and management solutions company, announces its inclusion in the June 2010 Gartner "Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant" report.

Gartner, recognized as a world-leading information technology research company, provides valuable insight and research reports about key technology players within the data quality arena and other technical markets. For a vendor to be included in the Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant, they must meet a variety of criteria, including: offer stand-alone packaged data quality tools; deliver functionality that addresses, at a minimum, profiling, parsing, standardization, cleansing and matching; support data functionality in more than one language; maintain an installed base of at least 50 production customers for their data quality products; and demonstrate, via customer references, use of the tools at an enterprise-level.

DataMentors’ president, Bob Orf, said that organizations are continuing to increase their investments in data quality initiatives in order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. “Companies are quickly realizing that the success of an organization’s operational and business intelligence processes rely on a solid foundation of high quality data. Through the elimination of bad data, an organization can greatly improve productivity, customer relationship management and business analytics functions,” Orf said.

As companies continue to accumulate massive amounts of data, their IT departments will come under increased administrative pressure and turn to hosted data quality and business intelligence solutions as methods for managing the influx of data. The leaders in the data industry will be those companies that consistently deliver a fully integrated suite of data quality tools that enhance the value of a company’s data integration investments.

“With hundreds of companies initially considered by Gartner, we consider it a great accomplishment to be included in the Magic Quadrant,” said Pete Giraldi, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “However, what Gartner may perceive as our weaknesses, we consider our greatest strengths. As a smaller company in an industry populated by larger vendors, we are a boutique provider who takes the time to fully understand our customer’s needs and then deliver customized data solutions at an attractive price.”

About DataMentors LLC
DataMentors is a provider of database preparation and marketing solutions, featuring DataFuse, ValiData, DataPoint, DMConsulting, PinPoint and Professional Services. These services are used individually or as an integrated end-to-end turnkey database solution for a clean, highly granular and accurate 360-degree view of the customer through data validation, transformation, standardization and householding. Offered as either a customer-premise installation or ASP delivered solution, DataMentors leverages proprietary data discovery, reporting and analysis, campaign management, data mining and modeling practices, identifying insightful customer sales and marketing directions.

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