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San Francisco, CA, July 02, 2010 --( New Home Feed announced today the official launch of, a marketing tool for homebuilders. New Home Feed is fully aligned with the best interests of builders and gets builder listings to a wide network of sites then drives traffic to the builder websites, rather than third-party sites. Home builders and agencies who represent builders may sign up now for a free trial. The affordable price packages start at $99/month. Interested parties, and listing websites interested in joining the New Home Feed network, may register for more information at The website was introduced at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas in January, 2010. Not a listing website, the website instead acts as a technology platform, which builders can use to build traffic to the website, generate leads, and get robust reports that show where web traffic originates from within the New Home Feed network. Rick Phillips, the CEO of the agency that powers New Home Feed, Graphic Language, remarks, “A lot of companies make getting listings in front of buyers sound complicated and challenging. Even scary. And it seems like every day some new tool comes out promising the impossible. The good news is that New Home Feed makes it easy. In fewer than five minutes, builders can sign up and start adding listings to the New Home Feed network of highly-trafficked websites. No phone calls, no quoting process.”

“New Home Feed is built for builders based on what builders need,” Phillips adds. “Getting buyers to the builder website shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Knowing which websites are sending potential buyers to the sales offices shouldn’t be a secret. New Home Feed pulls back the curtain to help builders be smart about selling homes.” Although still technically in “beta,” significant updates in features and functionality, and the steady incorporation of user-feedback, have encouraged the New Home Feed team to “open the doors” to the general builder community. As Phillips explains, “New Home Feed gets builder listings in front of buyers. Easily. At the right price. It’s just that simple.” When asked about the timing of the product introduction, Robert O’Shaughnessy, vice-president of marketing for New Home Feed, explains, “The period of focus-grouping and gathering feedback from trial users is complete and their results have been taken into consideration. Bigger picture, two things happening right now in the builder world show the timing for our product is just right. First, we see builders are becoming more comfortable using technology solutions to sell homes. They understand the web works, that home-shopping begins online. Second, we see home buyers have become extremely practical. Builders need easy solutions to get buyers the information they want. New Home Feed does just that – makes it easier for builders of any size, small to large, to get listings in front of prospects, and brings the prospects direct to the builder website.”

About New Home Feed
New Home Feed makes it easy to list homes for sale, manage inventory of homes for sale,and sell homes. New Home Feed users get robust, intuitive, easy-to-understand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts.

About Graphic Language
Graphic Language is an award-winning interactive design, online marketing, and web applications agency located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Having carved a niche in the real estate sector in the mid 1990’s, the company brings a vast knowledge and diverse expertise to home builders, real estate professionals, custom-home builders, manufactures and more. In 2009, Graphic Language partnered with a team of seasoned real estate investors to build and launch New Home Feed. Find out more about Graphic Language at

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