CPMG Offering Low Doses of the "Best Medicine" via Knock Knock Jokes

CPMG has launched a new FaceBook application to keep people smiling while introducing helpful bits of health-related information.

San Diego, CA, July 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) of San Diego has added a new feature to their FaceBook page. Not only will visitors and friends of the page find helpful information related to children’s health issues, they will also find the new Knock Knock Joke (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/cpmgsandiego?v=app_7146470109&ref=ts) application that will keep users in stitches (the good kind).

The medical community has known the health benefits of laughter for several years. Not only does laughter reduce stress, it can help promote a healthy immune system and is reported to increase pain tolerance. With benefits like these, it makes perfect sense for CPMG to promote laughter in addition to promoting other healthy habits.

Even though doctors and other medical professionals have acknowledged the benefits of laughter over the years, one problem still persists; how to effectively distribute a daily dose of laughter to every person in the world.

While CPMG hasn’t quite figured out how to spread laughter to every person in the world, the group has made it easier for FaceBook users to get their recommended daily doses of what is commonly referred to as “the best medicine.”

The knock knock jokes found through the FaceBook application are provided by friends of CPMG’s FaceBook page, which any person can become. Current users of FaceBook who add CPMG to their list of friends can choose to be notified of updates to the CPMG page through their own FaceBook account. Individuals who are not currently users of FaceBook can sign up for a free account at FaceBook.com (http://www.facebook.com). Signing up for a free account takes less than five minutes.

Once the account is created the user can add CPMG to their list of friends to begin receiving regular children’s health related updates as well as unrestricted access to the knock knock joke application.

It is CPMG’s intention to introduce FaceBook users to the wealth of helpful health-related links, articles, and videos available for free through their FaceBook page. The page is updated constantly and always has something worth reading or viewing. Recent topics of discussion on CPMG’s FaceBook page include backpack safety, pool safety, bedwetting, healthy eating habits, and illness prevention.

CPMG hopes that users of FaceBook will direct other people to the page so that the free health information can reach even more people. Fans of the knock knock jokes are urged to spread those on as well, since laughter, and all of its benefits, are naturally and highly contagious.

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