What American Consumers Crave Most: New Website Celebrates U.S. Consumers’ Freedom of Choice

San Jose, CA, July 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A new website offers online shoppers in the U.S. something worth celebrating: Freedom of choice.

At someone-to.com, consumers can post an unlimited number of free requests in search of someone willing to offer up products and services which are difficult to find elsewhere. That may be what online consumers want more than anything.

In “Shopping Online for Freedom, Control and Fun,” Mary Wolfinbarger, Associate Professor of Marketing at California State University, Long Beach and Mary Gilly, Professor of Marketing at the University of California, Irvine, state: “…consumers report that shopping online results in a substantially increased sense of freedom and control compared to offline shopping.”

Their motives, Wolfinbarger and Gilly add, are commonly goal-oriented. That is, they shop in search of specific items: “(Goal-focused) shoppers are transaction-oriented and desire to purchase what they want quickly and without distraction.”

“We aim to put power in the hands of U.S. consumers by allowing them to define their own services and connect directly to individual suppliers,” Konrad von Backstrom says. The e-tailer and owner of someone-to.com continues, “They can place requests for absolutely any item or service: From taking out their garbage on a weekly basis to building a house – made of bubblegum, if you like.”

Bubblegum? Yes, bubblegum.

The goal, according to von Backstrom, is to turn the traditional model of consumers seeking out suppliers on its head: “In today’s global economy, it is suppliers who should be catering to consumers. The outmoded framework through which large organizations offer canned solutions en masse is going, going, gone. The world wide web, without a doubt, helps prove that.”

“Providers with specialized skill sets who are flexible enough to fulfill consumers’ unusual or exacting requests can now step up to the plate,” adds von Backstrom. “In times of economic downturn, it is consumers who are in demand. The skills and goods they need are out there. They should be offered variety, choice and an ability to negotiate terms. At someone-to.com, they are free to do just that.”

So, what exactly are online consumers looking for?

A site user in Houston is looking for pink sheep to feature in an advertisement, but only if their wool is dyed “in a way that does not harm the animals.” A member in D.C. is searching for “someone to” deliver a message on his or her behalf according to instructions disclosed during the bidding process. A straight-forward requestor in Portland is seeking, very simply, “Viola Lessons.”

“While unusual items, such as the pink sheep in Texas, are common on our site,” says von Backstrom, “the outsourcing of personal or mundane tasks is something it is also well suited to. More often than not consumers are highly motivated, but simply don’t know where to find specialized items or services.”

“They also lack the time required to locate them,” von Backstrom explains further. “So, tasks or projects go undone and everyone loses out. We’ve changed all of that. Consumers have a choice among providers. Providers can choose to earn a living without compromising what makes them unique. Everyone wins.”

With a launch date so close to July 4, the site cannot help but celebrate U.S. consumers’ and providers’ right to choose – items, services, you name it.

“There are single men who simply choose not to hassle with laundry,” von Backstrom points out. “There are also moms who choose to stay at home who could earn a living doing that laundry for them. That’s what our site does especially well; it helps connect people who can then help one another. In my view, any other model would be completely un-American!”

For more information, visit someone-to.com.

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