The Shamanic Practitioners Conference is Featured on July 6 “Why Shamanism Now?” Radio Show

On her radio show "Why Shamanism Now? A Practical Path to Authenticity," teacher, author, and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt talks about the upcoming Shamanic Practitioners Conference in the UK with program organizers Howard and Elsa Malpas, founders of Warrior of the Heart in London, and Nick Breeze Wood of Sacred Hoop Magazine.

Portland, OR, July 04, 2010 --( Streaming live on the Co-Creator Radio Network ( on Tuesday, July 6, at 11 a.m. Pacific time/2 p.m. Eastern time, on her show "Why Shamanism Now?: A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt takes a break from her Initiation Series to support her shamanic colleagues in the UK. The Fourth UK Residential Society of Shamanic Practitioners Conference will take place September 9-12 at Gaunts House in Dorset, England, and is presented by Howard and Elsa Malpas, founders of Warrior of the Heart in London, with the help of Nick Breeze Wood of Sacred Hoop Magazine.

In this episode of “Why Shamanism Now?”, the Howard, Elsa and Nick join Christina to talk about the conference, the beauty of Gaunts House’s 2,000 acres of land, and the rich and diverse group of teachers and healers who will be presenting that this year’s conference. They describe the conference as “a gathering for those honoring the shamanic way. It is an opportunity to share sacred space with people who are dedicated to teaching and practicing the ways of the shaman and bringing that ancient spirituality into the present and future.” The theme this year is “Dancing with the Cycles of Life”; Jonathan Horwitz, a true elder in contemporary shamanism in Europe, will weave the days together with “The Shaman’s Thread: The Unseen Rhythms of Life.” Each day will begin with meditations and end in community ritual or ceremony. “Why Shamanism Now?” host Christina Pratt will also be attending the conference, offering a presentation titled “Awakening the Courageous Heart” on September 11. Listeners can learn more about the conference at

Christina Pratt is an authentic, non-traditional contemporary shaman. In practice since 1990, she specializes in mending the soul and transforming the parts of life that feel impossible. A teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and inspiration, Pratt brings the power of shamanism into the practical grasp of anyone willing to take responsibility for improving the quality of their life. Her well-received book, An Encyclopedia of Shamanism (Rosen), is an 800-page, two-volume set with over 750 in-depth entries that clearly discuss the basic concepts of shamanism, methods, and traditions of over 50 different shamanic peoples. Pratt is the founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, OR, and New York, NY, creator of the original Foundations of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing course at the University of Minnesota, and a frequent and honored speaker for the American Holistic Medical Association.

Howard and Elsa Malpas have been studying and practicing shamanism since 1983. During that time, they’ve realized that shamanism is more a remembering -- an ancient knowing -- than a learning. Howard and Elsa have been facilitating residential and non-residential Warrior in the Heart courses since 1994. Having discovered a passion for living through shamanism, they simply want to share the beautiful gift of what they know with others and help others to empower themselves. Howard & Elsa are UK Directors of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners ( Elsa is also a Director of The Isle of Avalon Foundation in Glastonbury, an educational not-for-profit company dedicated to promoting spiritual growth ( More information on Howard and Elsa Malpas and their work can be found at

Nick Breeze Wood has worked with numerous medicine people, shamans and teachers of shamanism over the past 25 years. His own practice is a mix of Mongolian, Tibetan, Siberian and Native American traditions. Before being involved in shamanism, he trained as a social worker, working in mental health settings, and completed extensive pychotherapy training in gestalt therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian trance work. Nick is the editor, designer, and publisher of Sacred Hoop Magazine. He works one-to-one training and offers workshops on shamanism in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. More information on Nick and his work can be found at

"Why Shamanism Now?", a live internet talk radio with host Christina Pratt, airs Tuesdays at 11 a.m. Pacific time/2 p.m. Eastern time Prior episodes from "Why Shamanism Now" can be downloaded for free from the iTunes library ( Pratt also talks about Shamanic Healing on You Tube (

For more information on Christina Pratt, the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing, and workshops and classes with Pratt, or to order An Encyclopedia of Shamanism at a special discounted rate, visit For additional information or to arrange an interview with Pratt, please contact Linda Woznicki, 845-417-8811,

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