Litefast 360° Displays Partners with WOWsignage for Seamless Content Design and Delivery

Manhattan, NY, July 03, 2010 --( WOWsignage Corporation, with bi-coastal offices in Eastchester, NY and Santa Barbara, CA, has become a Content Development Partner and Litefast System Integrator for Kinoton GmbH, and will be installing digital signage networks containing Litefast 360° Displays, as well as developing seamless interactive 3D content for the leading cylindrical LED displays from Kinoton's Litefast branded product line.

“WOWsignage welcomes our new international partnership with Kinoton of Germany and their amazing new Litefast 360° Display digital signage product line.” stated Kevin Mc Kenna, CEO of WOWsignage, “Our partnerships with the leading international digital signage manufacturers and display innovators such as Kinoton GmbH will allow WOWsignage to deliver the finest digital signage network hardware installations as well as the most innovative custom e-Signage branded content in the digital signage industry today.”

WOWsignage Corporation digital artisans have developed seamless 360° display content for well over a decade for all of the major cylindrical LED manufacturers, as well as for many of the HDTV, 3DTV and iTV manufacturers worldwide, including Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, ViewSonic, Epson, Christie Digital, EIZO Nanao, CTX, KDS, Dell, IBM, Sun, SGI, DynaScan, Kinoton and ProView. WOWsignage artisans developed an interactive 3D [i3D] swiss army knife 3D screensaver that is used to demonstrate interactive new media on the Litefast 360.

“WOWsignage is excited to push the leading edge of what can be done with 100% seamless e-Signage content via Kinoton's Litefast Products in the digital signage marketplace.” exclaimed WOWsignage CTO and Chief Creative Officer Wallace Jackson. “With our ability to produce custom interactive content that is interactive, 100% seamless and transparent to the real world products inside of the Litefast 360 degree displays, viewers will be nothing short of amazed with the holographic effect that brandgames and virtual product simulations will have via this amazing technology from Kinoton. We look forward to providing brilliant seamless cylindrical content to all of Kinoton's Litefast Partners internationally as a Litefast Content Developer and International Partner.”

Besides the interactive 3D swiss army knife interactive product demo created for Kinoton Litefast products by WOWsignage digital artists, other product demos that maximize the seamless display characteristics of Kinoton's products will be developed in the near future by WOWsignage for Litefast Product Marketing by WOWsignage, Kinoton's seamless interactive and non-interactive content development partner. Stay tuned for more X!Factor.

“We are pleased to have one of the longest running seamless cylindrical display content developers as a worldwide partner for Kinoton Litefast and our other international partners,” said Harald Nather, Vice President of Sales for Litefast, “The combination of custom, scratch developed content optimized for Litefast's physical specifications and characteristics, in conjunction with our unique and visually impactive cylindrical display technology and platform will give our customers the stand-apart digital signage results that they require for their brand marketing endeavors internationally.”

About Litefast 360° Displays

Litefast 360° Displays are premium LED Digital Signage displays that stand out clearly from the crowd of DOOH displays. State-of-the-art LED technology and German engineering ensure maximum image quality and product reliability. The large Litefast product range offers the word’s only completely transparent Digital Signage displays, which can also be used as innovative showcases for presenting actual products.

Litefast 360° Displays are made by Germany-based Kinoton GmbH, a leading designer and manufacturer of professional projection and display technology. For over 60 years, this well-established system provider with 160 employees and in-house engineering and manufacturing has been impressing professional circles with a steady stream of innovative technical developments. A worldwide network of competent sales and service partners ensures outstanding customer satisfaction. For more information about Litefast 360° Displays and Kinoton, please visit and

About WOWsignage Corporation

WOWsignage Corporation was formed in 2009 by the top executives from management consulting companies Encore International, headquartered in New York, NY, and Mind Taffy Design, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, bringing the leading digital signage and security network designers and hardware installers together with the leading new media interactive content developer for the high-definition display industry.

WOWsignage is developing 100% custom digital signage networks and accompanying content for leading international brands and retail chains around the globe. WOWsignage specializes in the leading-edge custom content development for emerging digital signage technologies and platforms, leveraging i3D and iTV technology and programming languages to deliver virtual world environments, virtual product simulations, brandgames, screensavers, interactive digital signage and linear/broadcast digital signage that features succulent 3D graphics and special effects. WOWsignage is an expert in data optimization and can deliver entire e-Signage campaigns in just a few megabytes, allowing any kind of networking paradigm (wireless, cable, power-grid, satellite, modem, cellular, optical, etc.) to be used in the digital signage network, allowing their clients the ultimate flexibility in content broadcasting.

WOWsignage Contact:
Wallace Jackson, MBA, MS
CTO and Chief Creative Officer
(913) 972-1360 (USA)

Wallace Jackson
CTO & Chief Creative Officer