Altep, Inc. Enhances INSPICIO® with Concept Searching, Categorization and Clustering from Content Analyst

Altep releases version 3.0 of their proprietary legal review platform, Inspicio®, now with fully-integrated concept searching, clustering and categorization via Content Analyst's Analytical Technology

El Paso, TX, July 04, 2010 --( Altep, Inc., a leader in electronic data discovery and litigation management, today announced the release of version 3.0 of Inspicio®. Importantly, the new version offers fully-integrated concept searching, clustering and categorization via Content Analyst’s Analytical Technology (CAAT.)

CAAT is a unique, patented data analysis engine that provides advanced Conceptual Search based on Latent Semantic Indexing – a mathematical technique that enables CAAT to acquire information about any given document population from the actual documents being indexed, eliminating the need for external dictionaries and thesauri.

The integration of text analytics allows Inspicio® users to search data sets based on concepts, thus leveraging their knowledge of the facts in the case to find key documents quickly, even when the wording is not identical or there are variations in the content.

Dynamic clustering automatically groups documents based on conceptual similarities. Inspicio® then presents an auto-titled hierarchy of the clusters CAAT has identified, making it easy for the review manager to assign batches of conceptually “like” documents in To Do Lists.

The Categorization features allow Inspicio® users to select document samples that represent the desired concepts. CAAT will use these samples to locate and folder conceptually similar documents. The review process is streamlined, because reviewers can focus their efforts on the key materials.

“The introduction of conceptuality into Inspicio® opens the door to a whole range of new capabilities,” said Judy Torres, VP of Information Services and the Executive Sponsor of the integration project. “We expect the use of these capabilities to raise reviewer productivity by twenty-five to thirty percent, easily.”

As a Senior Solutions Architect for Altep, Howard Hart lead the software implementation team. “CAAT is a very elegant, very powerful suite of technologies,” Hart said. “We were able to do so much more than just bolt it onto the side – the marriage of Inspicio®’s existing feature set with the abilities CAAT provides…well, it’s really a match made in heaven.”

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