Introduction to How to Play the Game of Life Free eWebinar Scheduled to Launch at Real Coaching Radio Network

Find Out How to Play the Game of Life? Is there a Game? Not knowing the rules to the game or not having any tools for the game, the game is over. Join the free eWebinar on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 5 PM Eastern time.

Denver, CO, July 04, 2010 --( Introduction to How to Play the Game of Life? Wellness Consciousness Training for Personal Power, by Dean G Allen, PhD. Attendees will learn:

Who Are Human Beings

A-Spirit as Consciousness (the source of Life-force energy that keeps humans alive)

B-Energy Systems (23 Organ/Gland Systems of Perception & Expression) Mind/Emotion/Body

C-Memory (Conditioned Programming to survive 23 Traumas… And fulfill 23 Divine Intents)

D-Here and Now Processor of Reality with Concepts (thought that may/may Not match Reality.)

How Humans Function

A-23 Perceptual Energy Inputs (View)… and 23 Expressive Energy Outputs (Performance)

B-4 Pairs of Memory Lobes/Functions (See and Feel Input… with Say and Do Output)

C-253 Circuits of Personal Powers when Expressed Clearly, Quickly and Appropriately

D-253 Circuits of Personal Problems when Suppressed by triggered unconscious trauma memory

How Humans Process

A-2/3 of human Brain/Memory Cells are Association Cells (paired-associate remembering)

B-1.1 second from stimulus: human dynamic Point of Power when clear and appropriate

C-Confusion steals humans Power with drag When human Concepts do not Fuse with Reality.

D-Earlier Similar Trauma Memory is emotionally Triggered by present experiences.

What Humans Create

A-IF human beings are clearly connected to Reality quickly and can express the truth spontaneously with loving intentions and a smile… Human Beings Will Make Things Happen.

B-If human beings are less clearly connected to Reality (less quick) and less able to express the truth spontaneously with loving intentions and a smile… Human Beings Will Watch Things Happen

C-IF human beings are disconnected from Reality and unable to process life clearly, or connect with the truth and express it clearly… Human Beings Will Wonder “What Happened?”

Life is Scored on Clarity, Processing Time and Performance in the moments of truth.

Clarity Is a Powerful Tool. Join them on Tuesday, July 13th at 5 PM Eastern Time Register Here.

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