Real Estate Investing Discussion Turns to Discounts

Real Estate Investing Show Focuses on Foreclosure Discounts in Today’s Market.

Marietta, GA, July 07, 2010 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us is a top 15 iTunes Business Podcast that provides real estate investing information for investors and realtors alike. This week on the video series The REI Minute Judson Voss discussed many topics including the recent research showing discounts in the investment market.

During the show Judson spoke about the recent research pointing to the fact that foreclosed homes are discounted an average of 27% according to Rick Sharga of RealtyTrac. The current discount points back to a basic economic principle. With increased supply and decreased demand the banks need to reduce the pricing on foreclosed homes to entice the retail and investor buyer to purchase their homes.

The study also went on to show that short sales, mortgages discounted for sale prior to going through the entire foreclosure process are discounted even greater. Mr. Voss, an experienced short sale investor explained that the banks finally recognize what their losses will be if the home goes through the entire foreclosure process and they also realize that there are costs associated with that process. If they can short sale the mortgage before the foreclosure then they can avoid some of the additional costs of processing the foreclosure, a Realtors commission and also significant holding times.

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The REI Minute
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