Against All Odds, the Journey Through - a True Story from Tragedy to Triumph by LaShawn Butler

Life happens, but we have the ability to decide to strive to achieve more than our circumstances wish to dictate; anyone who desires to can emerge from adversity victoriously with a story to share to strengthen others. LaShawn, a rape victim, and single mother refused to succumb to the many challenges life brings, but confronted them and ultimately emerged victorious in her courageous life story.

Hayward, CA, July 07, 2010 --( In her new book, LaShawn Butler, a rape victim and single mother, walk you through her life's journey that is filled with adversity, perserveranceand hope. The story is intended for single mothers, but it illustrates that anyone who desires to can transcend any challenge while aspiring others. The book was released by Outskirts Press, Inc. and is available through

The eldest of two children, LaShawn was born in Berkeley, California. At the age of 9 LaShawn was forced to take on many adult roles including taking care of her younger brother. While bearing this responsibility throughout her teen years, LaShawn faced adversity all too common to young women, she was raped. Armed with the anger, rejection, fear and abandonment that accompany this traumatic experience, LaShawn began to navigate the route of emotional despair and dysfunction. Living what appeared to be a normal life aesthetically; internally she was dying emotionally every day. This internal turmoil soon manifested itself physically through ulcers which threatened LaShawn's life. In her book she chronicles these events and attests that one can confront negative experiences and transform them to motivations for success. As you embark on this expedition through her life you'll realize that the same elements of humanity exist in all of us. The residue of lost love, the sting of deep wounds and the joy of triumph will link us all together thereby solidifying our unified express purpose, to enjoy life. The divergence occurs in the paths we take to get there. LaShawn's path will motivate you to employ diligence, faith and fortitude.

"Your words come across warm and you write with a certain experience that O cannot put onto words... Your narrative voice is very familiar and friendly... I wish more people would take the time to write their stories down like you have. I am sure it will be embraced by many." - Lisa Conner, Manuscript Review Team, Outskirts Press, Inc.

"I must say that your attitude towards goals (your own and goals in general) is very upbeat. Encouraging single mothers is not an easy task, especially in today's economic climate, and your taking on a monumental task. I can tell you are very passionate about this subject." - Larry Gray, Publishing Consultant, Outskirts Press, Inc.

Against All Odds, The Journey Through is currently available online as a softcover book at, and

Simply stated, LaShawn Butler is a champion prize-fighter, but her prize isn't a shiny belt or heavy purse of winnings. Success has become survival and the exceptional record of recovering from knockdowns. Raised in a broken home, LaShawn managed to take care of her younger brother, endure a rape experience, traverse her parent's divorce, conquer death, earn a collge degree as a mother, revive her life after a failed engagement, found a company, raise a beautiful daughter and write a book, to name a few things. Confronted with challenges that most people face, LaShawn as always made a conscious decision to fight against the status quo of mediocrity and aspire to be greater than average. The vein of thinking has caused LaShawn to pursue her wildest dreams and in the process accomplish some amazing things.

Against All Odds, The Journey Through
LaShawn Butler