Gee & Company Provide Unique Solution to Kalic Dosing Requirements at Royton Treatment Works

Birmingham, United Kingdom, July 09, 2010 --( Gee & Company continue their tradition of innovation in the application of Package Plant for chemical dosing with the supply of a unique Kalic dosing system to contractors Galliford-Costain-Atkins (GCA) for use at the United Utilities-owned Royton Wastewater Treatment Works.

At Royton Wastewater Treatment Works, United Utilities employ nitrifying trickling filters to facilitate the denitrification of the final-stage effluent prior to discharge.

In order for these trickling filters to operate it is very often necessary to supplement the alkalinity of the water. At Royton this is achieved through the use of Kalic, an 18% weight/weight stabilised lime slurry which is highly reactive due to its small particle size (circa 1 micron). Kalic also benefits from being neither as corrosive nor as toxic as other alkalis, thus greatly reducing any hazards to the surrounding environment or on-site personnel. Thanks to its experience with Kalic in other water treatment applications, Gee was tasked to design and supply a suitably cost-effective and efficient solution to this dosing requirement.

As it is not always possible to determine whether there will be a need to supplement the alkalinity up-front, there is a real danger that the installation of a large, traditional chemical dosing system may turn out to be a very costly and unnecessary investment.

As traditional plant cannot simply be removed and reinstalled at a different site in the way that Package Plant systems can, it is a significantly safer capital investment proposition to employ Package Plant rather than a traditional approach to chemical dosing plant.

Add this to the far smaller physical area needed on-site for installation as well as the lower carbon footprint associated with Package Plant and the choice was clear. If the Package Plant was ever deemed to be superfluous to Royton’s on-site needs it could simply be removed and redeployed elsewhere, thus greatly reducing the client’s up front financial risk.

Gee & Company therefore supplied GCA with a Gee Design Kalic Package Plant system based around two Celmar GRP tanks, each of 15m3 working capacity and which are inert to corrosion. The system is fully bunded, housed within a kiosk and features a separate but attached kiosk which houses the Motor Control Centre with in built PLC.

The tank fill points are located on the outside of the kiosk, with the fillpoint box on one side behind a secure door. Through a separate door is the fillpoint panel, the audio-visual alarm and the analogue readout of the tank contents. As it is essential that the Kalic is kept as a suspension, the product is re-circulated, and the tank was specially designed to achieve this. Gee also installed duty standby recirculation pumps on each tank.

The Kalic is delivered from the tanks to the point of application by means of Peristaltic pumps, also supplied by Gee, to meet United Utilities’ signature design.

In a programme lasting just 14 weeks this Package Plant Kalic system was designed in-house by Gee's expert staff, manufactured, FAT-testing, delivered to site, installed, commissioned and then bought online.

Nichola Balmer
01543 416060