Maple Leaf Farms Debuts New Duck Sausage Products

Ground duck and duck sausage added to foodservice product line

Milford, IN, July 09, 2010 --( Maple Leaf Farms has expanded its foodservice product line to include two innovative items -- ground duck and duck sausage. Both products are made from all natural boneless duck breast, giving the ground duck a lean nutritional benefit and beef-like texture.

It’s a well-known fact that burgers are an established trend in foodservice. Currently taking on various shapes and flavors, today’s best selling burgers include small plates, ethnic burgers and sliders. Maple Leaf Farms ground duck supplies an upscale base for creative burgers destined to become best sellers. Beyond the usual ground meat, ground duck gives your kitchen creations a healthful, flavorful start -- the creativity is all yours.

Maple Leaf Farms took ground duck one step further and added gentle seasonings, parsley and garlic, to make its savory sausage. This new item ranks high in flavor, convenience and menu potential. The sausage is minimally processed, all natural and very lean.

Both Maple Leaf Farms ground duck and duck sausage come in convenient two- pound packages. The sausage is also offered in all natural link form.

Sophisticated customers respond well to new upscale menu innovations. Keep your edge with these two new Maple Leaf Farms duck products. You’ll reap the rewards in customer satisfaction and higher check averages.

For more than 50 years Maple Leaf Farms has been recognized as the leading producer of quality duck products in North America. Today, this family-owned company dominates the duck market with innovative, value-added products that create memorable dining experiences. For more information about All Natural Duck Sausage or Ground Duck, plus other Maple Leaf Farms duck products, please visit

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Nora Macon