Employer Healthcare and Benefits Conference to Address Challenges and Opportunities for Employers Facing Rising Insurance Costs

Employers and Insurance Leaders Gather at Large to Discuss Opportunities and Challenges in Offering Health Insurance and Employee Benefits in Today's Economic Climate of Healthcare Reform During the Employer Healthcare Congress September 20-22nd, 2010 in Los Angeles.

West Palm Beach, FL, July 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Employer provided health insurance and employee benefits face tremendous challenges in the future as the cost of insurance increases and employers fight off the economic recession. These challenges emerge with voluntary benefits, worksite benefits, self funded healthcare, workers compensation benefits, and corporate wellness benefits. Healthcare Reform places even more of a burden on employer groups and is estimated to increase the cost of providing healthcare benefits to their employees and plan members. Stakeholders gather together to work towards solutions to managing the employee benefits they offer their employees.

Bob Trujillo, Program Director of Human Resources for the American Bar Administration said, "In order to meet the challenges of the current financial climate while balancing employee retention and recruitment, human resource professionals are faced with coordinating a new and innovative structure to their benefit plans. This conference is a great launching pad for sharing and developing new approaches toward our benefit packages."

Some of the speakers for the Employer Healthcare Congress are:
Brady Jensen, Group Manager, Global Benefits, Microsoft Corporation
Colleen DePadua, Manager of Group Insurance, Black & Decker
Faye Saenz, Director of Employee Benefits, GameStop Corp.
Christina Harmon, Director of Benefits Administration, Ruby Tuesday
Bob Ihrie, Senior Vice President of Employee Rewards and Services, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Avi Smith, Benefits Manager, B&H Photo
Susan Hannegan, Health Management Program Manager, Jack in the Box
Jacqueline Madrigal, Benefits Manager, American Apparel
Robin Lears, Benefits Administrator, United States Olympic Committee
Pamala Grove, Director of Benefits & HR Operations, Land O'Lakes Inc.
Pani Tademeti, HR Manager- Total Compensation, Office of State Personnel, North Carolina
Vicki Robinson, Manager, Insurance Services Division, City of Las Vegas
Annie Leko, Honeywell
Randy Moon, Vice President of Global Compensation & Benefit, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
Dr. Joseph P. Annis, Secretary, Board of Trustees, American Medical Association
Bernie C. Knobbe, Vice President, Benefits, ACS, a Xerox Company

Colleen DePadua, Manager of Group Insurance for Black and Decker, said, "The Conference 2010 will be a great opportunity for employers to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-funding. With national healthcare reform passed and affecting all plans regardless of funding, it is important for self-funded employers to understand those obligations. This conference will be an excellent forum for the exchange information and ideas."

The Employer Healthcare Congress which is one of the largest Employer Healthcare Conferences in the country, www.employerhealthcarecongress.com. The healthcare conference is made up of four conferences, The Corporate Wellness Conference, http://www.corporatewellnessconference.com, the Self Funding Employer Healthcare and Workers Compensation Conference, http://www.selffundingconference.com, the Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Conference, http://www.voluntarybenefitsconference.com and the National Healthcare Reform Conference, http://www.healthcarereformconference.com.

The conference has implemented a VIP buyers program that will cover the travel expenses and bring in employers who have voluntary benefits programs in place or are interested in implementing voluntary benefits.

Robert Davenport, the Wellness Manager for the NASA/Johnson Space Center said, "The Conference is a tremendous opportunity for professionals in the wellness industry to exchange ideas and learn tried and true practices of other companies navigating the health and productivity management challenges faced by all organizations today. I look forward to sharing my experiences and challenges with attendees and applying solutions gathered from this meeting in my organization."

Jonathan Edelheit, manager of the Employer Healthcare Congress added, "This conference will bring together all the senior leaders in employer provided benefits to share their knowledge and collaborate on what challenges and opportunities the industry faces. There is no other employer health insurance conference like it."

The conference is sponsored by the Self Funding Employer Association (SFEA), http://www.selffundingassociation.com and the Self Funding Magazine, The Corporate Health and Wellness Association, http://www.healthandwellnessassociation.com, the Corporate Wellness Magazine, www.corporatewellnessmagazine.com, the Voluntary Benefits Association, http://www.vbassociation.com and the Voluntary Benefits Magazine, http://www.voluntarybenefitsmagazine.com and the National Healthcare Reform Magazine, http://www.healthcarereformmagazine.com.

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