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Awesome Tuition Agency

Awesome Tuition Agency Can Arrange Professional Tutors for Your Children According to Their Requirements

Parents who need to find a professional tutor now have an alternative. Awesome Tuition Agency is providing a new service that will refer a home tutor to implement a learning plan specifically designed for your child.

Singapore, Singapore, July 13, 2010 --( The Awesome Tuition Agency has launched a program to refer home tutors to the parents of children who need a little extra help with their schoolwork. An alternative to trying to teach the children themselves, parents now have a new choice. Instead of battling with the ever changing school syllabi, the difficulties of getting children to listen and the lack of time to teach them, the need for after school tutoring has been answered.

Parents like the one-on-one home tuition that allows students to develop their full potential. Classrooms today are crowded and one teacher with a limited amount of time and many students cannot provide personalized instruction. This is why the Awesome Tuition Agency has implemented a program that helps by providing tutors that allow children to progress at their own pace, learn the techniques needed to study effectively, build their confidence and improve grades.

The tuition agency refers tutors to all grade levels from kindergarten to JC and Poly students. All core academics are eligible for tutoring including foreign languages.

See what satisfied parents are saying about the Awesome Tuition Agency:

"Merely a note to express gratitude for a fantastic job by referring my child a good tutor. My son has improved drastically, from E8 to a B3. In the past, my son has been continuously failing composition assessments and exams. He has had group tuition for the past 2 years at different tuition centres - all with very little effects. Home Tutoring is truly a best choice to my son."

In addition, parents are not the only ones benefiting from the launch of this new program. The tutors benefit as well because they do not have the time or the funds to advertise their skills. Awesome Tuition Agency matches tutors to the children they are most proficient in tutoring. Each tutor has a specialty they would like to utilize to help children. Some home tutors would prefer to teach students that are working to catch up to their fellow students. Others would prefer to teach the kids that have many problems keeping up with the class.

Thus both the problems of the parents and the tutors are solved by Awesome Tuition Agency. Saving parents time by providing a service that is affordable and helps their children. The tutors are referred to jobs that are just right for them and they receive their pay from the parents of the students. The parents do not have to pay a fee to the tuition agency. The tutors pay the agency and everyone gets an affordable price.

If your child is having problems in school and needs the expertise of a tutor, contacting Awesome Tuition Agency can help. With tutors in a wide range of subjects, the agency will provide a tutor that an work with your child and get them up to par on the subjects in which they need help. Visit and find the tutor who can best help your child.

Awesome Tuition Agency
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