McClatchy-Tribune Adopts Smartlogic’s Semantic Search Tool to Maximise Their News Service

McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT), the online news and image provider, has adopted Smartlogic’s open semantic search platform, Semaphore, which will enable users to access broader and more comprehensive news content based on specific topics, geography, companies and industry sectors.

London, United Kingdom, July 14, 2010 --( McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, the provider of comprehensive online news and image services, has maximised their existing news search service by adopting Smartlogic’s Open Semantic Search Platform, Semaphore. The new online content classification tool is expected to save MCT’s subscribers considerable time when searching for news and carrying out searches based on specific topics, geography, companies and industry sectors.

Semaphore is an innovative ontology-driven solution that uses a semantic search model. It will work alongside MCT’s existing search engine and information management capabilities. This unique way of searching, filtering and discovering content will determine, more specifically, what those news stories are about.

Jeremy Bentley of Smartlogic comments: “The power of ontology is groundbreaking and offers users innovative ways to explore content. An ontology is basically a set of words and concepts that are related to one another, and those relationships help define the precise topics of stories. Essentially it automates content classification so that it is fed to the appropriate person at a quicker rate. We think of Semaphore as turning a search engine into a find engine as it quickly determines the subject matter of any given story.”

Bentley continues: “It’s the difference in having to wade through thousands of results from a Google search and doing one search with the confidence so that every story returned to you will be only the subject you’re interested in.”

The rollout will initially be implemented internally by MCT’s sales team to help them discover new markets and more targeted sales team, but will later be offered to MCT’s subscribers as a value-added information management service to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Jeremy Bentley
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