Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)
Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)

Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) Consolidates R & D Operations with Mosaic Medical Technologies, Inc. in Sarasota Florida, US

Global-Med Technologies Group (GTG) announces the consolidation of its research and development operation within its new subsidiary Mosaic Medical Technologies, Inc. (Mosaic) in Sarasota, Florida, United States.

Sarasota, FL, July 14, 2010 --( Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) announced that it will consolidate its research and development operations within a new subsidiary called Mosaic Medical Technologies, Inc (Mosaic) which will be located in Sarasota, Florida. The Company expects to also expand the staff of Mosaic in Sarasota with several technical hires in the areas of biomechanical engineering, medical research and development and FDA regulatory specialties (

Mosaic will act as an intellectual property depository for GTG ( via assignment and receipt of patents and technologies designated by the parent company for development. Mosaic Medical Technologies focuses on vertical integration via academic research & study, device design and development, and is a provider of ancillary services including regulatory, prototyping, bioengineering, testing and manufacturing. At Mosaic, ideas evolve into clinical solutions and they strive to improve those solutions at every step in the development and manufacturing process.

GTG expects Mosaic to function as its design and development center for all of its subsidiaries where products are conceived, developed, tested, evaluated and enhanced by surgeons working side-by-side with Mosaic team members in the operating room and in the prototype lab. This methodology enables surgeons to optimize their surgical approach, lessen patient trauma, shorten their patient’s recovery cycle and enhance their practice. It also allows the Company to stay on the cutting edge of the medical device market. Visit for more information about the Company.

Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)
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