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New York, NY, December 13, 2006 --(PR.com)-- One of the most important characteristics of  human beings is the ability to communicate with one another. However, there are a great deal of people that cannot do it due to hearing disabilities, which often come along with speech impediments. This is where Sign Language comes in as a very important tool that helps minimize these communication setbacks.

Sign Language is not a universal method of communication; each different country has its own form of Sign Language. Even countries that share the same tongue might have developed different methods or styles and come up with a different set of rules for their own Sign Language, just like each different verbal language has rules of grammar.

For instance, The National Association of the Deaf promotes the ASL (American Sign Language) that is now accepted by Universities and Colleges across the United States, and according to Deafsign.com, the BSL (British Sign Language) is reported to be used by around 50.000 people, most of which use it as a first language. In India, they have also developed the Indian Sign Language and it is on its way to be recognized as the official Sign Language for the country.

Taking into account all of the facts already mentioned, Language123 (http://language123.com) saw the need to facilitate the job of many people out there trying to find interpreters that are knowledgeable in this kind of communication and also help these interpreters to promote their work that is nowadays highly demanded in many areas like legal disputes, business meetings, etc.

Language123 (http://language123.com) has incorporated Sign Language to its list of languages and now this very particular market will have higher chances of a faster growth thanks to the online marketing efforts that are being done by this company. Visit Language123 and see the many possibilities that are offered in this language and in many others, whether you are looking for a translator/interpreter or if you are one yourself.

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