Offers Free Stress Management eBook

Free eBook from introduces readers to a new method for managing stress and taking control of their lives.

Antioch, CA, July 15, 2010 --( Free eBook introduces Stressproofing, a new method for managing stress and taking control of life., a website dedicated to stress management tools and and resources is making available a free eBook that introduces people to a new method for managing stress. According to site co-founder Howard VanEs: "This eBook provides an opportunity for people to try out some of the most powerful tools and techniques for managing stress."

At almost 50 pages, this in-depth eBook gives readers tools and tips that they can use right now to manage stress and take control of their lives.

The Stressproofing eBook teaches readers how to

Pre-program their mind and body to react differently to stress
Face difficult or challenging situations with greater ease and more control.
Neutralize stressful events from the past so they don’t have to carry around negative feelings and discomforting thoughts from those events.

Sleep better
Have more energy
Think more clearly
Feel better in their body
Look forward to daily life
Use nutrition to feel their best - especially during stressful times. Discover which foods support energy and which ones rob it.
Set up a work environment to reduce or minimize chance of injury while increasing comfort, ease and energy
How to get motivated and stay on course

Readers can get a free copy by visiting,, click on resources, then free eBook.

Howard VanEs
Graham Bird