Jolkona Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Launches Improved Website

Jolkona celebrates first anniversary, $50,000 raised to date, and launches redesigned website that makes global giving simpler, more engaging.

Seattle, WA, July 15, 2010 --( Jolkona, a Seattle-area nonprofit that uses technology to facilitate low-cost, high-impact giving to global philanthropic causes, recently passed two organizational milestones. It celebrated its one-year anniversary and passed the milestone of 50,000 dollars raised. To celebrate and build on its success, Jolkona launched a redesigned website.

“Because technology is a key differentiator for our organization, and critical to engaging younger philanthropists, we improved the site after only one year to accommodate our future growth and make the giving process more streamlined and more engaging,” says Jolkona co-founder and CEO Adnan Mahmud, who also works full-time at Microsoft. was launched in June 2009 with the vision of bringing philanthropy to a new generation of donors, aged 15 to 35.

The redesigned website includes a homepage where users see snapshots of featured Jolkona projects in need of funding. Here prospective donors can discover projects from around the world and click to “give” or “learn more” about a given project. For example, a user can easily donate a solar stove in Tibet, school supplies in Kenya, or a scholarship in Guatemala.

The redesigned site makes it easier for donors to find projects and choose where to donate based on the project category and geographic location. Users can select from five project categories (cultural identity, education, empowerment, environment, and public health) and eight regions.

Other improvements make the website more engaging for users. The new “impact” section lets users read stories and view real photos about Jolkona’s positive impact around the world. For example, one feature success story highlights how the Jolkona community helped feed 300 children in a Ugandan orphanage for an entire week. The impact section also profiles featured Jolkona donors, tracks Jolkona’s work against the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and summarizes gifts by country and category.

In addition, a new “do more” section invites users to continue engaging with Jolkona even after they’ve donated money. Users can share Jolkona with their Facebook friends, launch a giving campaign among their family and friends, post Jolkona’s badge to their personal website or blog, and offset their carbon footprint.

Several additional features on the new website inspire users to become more engaged. Users can now connect with Jolkona on Facebook and follow Jolkona’s Twitter feed directly from the homepage. The homepage also includes a particularly interesting feature, a running list of the most recent donations to Jolkona projects. Here visitors can see the eight most recent donations to specific projects. This feature both inspires prospective donors and gives recognition to those who have already donated.

About Jolkona

Jolkona ( is a 501(c)3 organization that makes it easy to give directly to low-cost, high-impact philanthropic opportunities around the world. Jolkona works with international partner organizations to create affordable donation options with measurable impact, from planting trees in Honduras to providing food in Cambodia. One hundred percent of donations go directly to the donor’s chosen projects. After a gift is made, the donor receives proof of impact (such as a picture, video, or story) through a personalized website. Jolkona believes its personalized approach to philanthropy will help usher in a new era of giving, where donors are more inspired to give and charitable organizations can connect to a broader donor base. By harnessing the power of technology to connect with global causes, Jolkona hopes to empower a younger generation of philanthropists. You don’t have to wait to be a philanthropist. We can all make a difference today.

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Wei-Jean Garland