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New Age Diamonds is Expanding Capacities

The first introduction of New Age Diamonds to worldwide market brought to the company numerous contacts. As that obviously shows growing interest to synthetic diamonds New Age Diamonds took a decision to increase production and to start mutual partnership with respectable concerned companies.

Moscow, Russia, August 17, 2005 --( Due to a large number of requests from wholesalers, retailers and jewelers New Age Diamonds had received since its first entry to the world market, company has decided to expand production in all categories. Market demand brings some new ideas and accents. In colors - all tints of orange from light yellow to vivid canary, that are very attractive to customers. When it comes to the weight range, there is quite a strong interest in diamonds from 1/4 ct to 1+ ct.

New Age Diamonds is determined to increase the volume of production by bringing some new equipment into operation. In order to make all contacts with dealers and representatives more efficient, the company management is considering a possibility of organizing some affiliates on territories close to prospective customers. Currently, New Age Diamonds is choosing the reliable and serious partners from already existing and interested in that kind of collaboration companies. Each of these new branches might be specialized in one specific category such as new colors or bigger sizes. Recent experience of New Age Diamonds on the world market shows an ultimate economical effectiveness of such strategy.

Mr. Shulepov, President of New Age Diamonds, said -
"We plan to perform the following important economical actions:
- launching of new capacities in the beginning of year 2006
- having intensive advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns to support the brand
- increasing volume of productions month by month
- paying special attention to the most prospective destinations such as developing of new tints of pink (from light to deep red), diamonds of 2+cts
- cutting fantasy shapes for modern designs".

Such promising perspectives make New Age Diamonds ready to have a business dialog with potential investors in order to find a respectable and stable partner for prosperous future. Mr. Shulepov is currently negotiating with some North American and European companies that expressed their interest in such a cooperation. Many years of experience and reliable scientific background definitely gives a decided advantage to overcome all expanding-related problems in short terms.

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