Shot In The Dark Mysteries Sponsors The Campaign to Save Parents' Summer Sanity

Shot In The Dark Mysteries sponsors The Campaign to Save Parents' Summer Sanity with daily activities delivered via Facebook feed to give parents positive time with the kids - and a little peace.

Toronto, Canada, July 16, 2010 --( Shot In The Dark Mysteries is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring The Campaign to Save Parent's Summer Sanity this year on Facebook. The campaign, aimed at providing parents with physical activities to keep their kids engaged through the summer months, is a lighthearted approach to a very real frustration.

"Many parents feel as though they spend the summer months trying (and often failing) to amuse their children," says Shot In The Dark Mysteries owner Leigh Clements. "The result is stress, exhaustion and, sadly, a bit of resentment. We believe if parents have a constant stream of positive, creative activities to keep their kids both physically and mentally entertained, the result will be happier kids, happier families, happier parents and, of course, earlier bed time!"

The campaign has kicked off with a one minute viral commercial and a Facebook page. Simply clicking "Like" on the Facebook page will link parents to a daily stream of activities for kids, as well as a discussion forum and "wall" where they can interact with other parents, post their suggestions and get new ideas.

"The aim is for a community of parents who are banding together to save their sanity!" says Clements. "The Facebook format is perfect for parents. Already, we don't have a lot of time to be surfing the internet to find activity ideas. Maybe, if we're lucky, we have a few minutes a day to pop on Facebook and check in with our friends and family. This format puts an idea right into parents' 'newsfeed' so they don't have to go out of their way to remember to check it."

On Fridays, Shot In The Dark Mysteries will offer a special "Sponsored" activity idea relating to a kids mystery game available through Shot In The Dark

The one-minute commercial can be viewed below and the Facebook Page accessed here:


For more information, please contact:

Leigh Clements

Owner, Shot In The Dark Mysteries

(647) 330-4678

(705) 252-6700

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