Corporate Wellness Conference Engages Employers to Raise the Bar for Corporate Wellness Programs

Royal Palm Beach, FL, July 16, 2010 --( Employers and Health Insurance Leaders gather at large to discuss challenges and opportunities in implementation of Corporate and Worksite Wellness, seeking solutions under healthcare reform during the National Corporate Wellness Conference, taking place September 20th-22nd, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Employers are emerging from the healthcare crisis as healthcare costs continue to rise and employees become unhealthier and lead unhealthy lifestyles that result in the development of more serious health conditions. Corporate Wellness is one of the high hopes for the healthcare industry in lowering costs and making health insurance more affordable. Employees and their families need to become engaged in their health and learn to live healthy lifestyles every day. Engaging in healthy behavior is one of the only chances of reducing the serious health conditions that will develop later in life.

Annie Leko, Honeywell Wellness Program Manager states, “The corporate work atmosphere brings new challenges and tests to the everyday wellness endeavors we face as health professionals. As one of the fastest rising issues faced in the United States today, Healthcare and Worksite Health Programs are growing and changing at an unbelievable rate. Events like the Corporate Wellness Conference offer a place for all health industry advocates to come together and share statistics and what the past has proven, new ideas that are working to push forward in the corporate wellness industry and future market outlooks. Let’s get after it together…because we will make a change!”

Corporate Wellness is an emerging industry that most employers are starting to implement. The biggest challenge for employers is generating the understanding about which corporate wellness programs have successful results and a return on investment, and those that do not.

Robert Davenport, the Wellness Manager for the NASA/Johnson Space Center said, “The Corporate Wellness Conference is a tremendous opportunity for professionals in the wellness industry to exchange ideas and learn tried and true practices of other companies navigating the health and productivity management challenges faced by all organizations today. I look forward to sharing my experiences and challenges with attendees and applying solutions gathered from this meeting in my organization.”

The 2nd annual National Corporate Wellness Conference,, organized by the Corporate Wellness Magazine,, and sponsored by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association,, will bring together some of the most senior level employers and insurance industry professionals September 20th-22nd, 2010 in Los Angeles. This is the only Corporate Wellness Conference with a focus on employer groups. Some of the employers speaking at the conference will be from Black and Decker, Jack in the Box, the United States Olympic Committee, the City of Las Vegas, Honeywell, NASA/Johnson Space Center, Microsoft, Lowe’s, Archer Daniels Midland and more.

Anna Konger, Senior Meeting Manager of the National Corporate Wellness Conference stated, “This conference will bring together all the senior leaders in corporate wellness and worksite wellness to share their cutting edge knowledge and collaborate on what challenges and opportunities the industry faces, what wellness programs really work and really bring a return on investment and which wellness programs simply don’t work. The quality and level of the attendees and speakers cannot be compared with any other wellness conference.”

The conference is a part of the Employer Healthcare Congress,, the largest employer conference in the country with speakers from corporations like Pier 1 Imports, Ruby Tuesday’s, Gamestop, Microsoft, the State of North Carolina, B&H Photo, the American Medical Association, American Apparel, National Association of Insurance Commissioners and more.

Also included in the conference is a VIP buyers program that will cover the travel expenses for employers who have voluntary benefits programs in place or are interested in implementing voluntary benefits.

The conference is sponsored by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), the only non-profit employer based trade association in the corporate wellness and worksite wellness industry. More information on the association can be found at The conference is the official conference of the Corporate Wellness Magazine,, which is a dedicated leading magazine for the corporate wellness and worksite wellness industry. The Corporate Wellness Magazine is a monthly online magazine read by almost fifteen thousand readers and growing.

Corporate Wellness Conference
Anna Konger