California Job Seekers, Contractors, and Employers Get a New Deal

Founder of California startup Free Agent Source promises a new way to work for laid off workers, contractors seeking work, job seekers, and employers looking to hire with less risk but still get committed talent.

Los Angeles, CA, July 17, 2010 --( Free Agent Source founder Steve Pruneau announced today that the company has successfully removed the hassles and insecurity from contract work (e.g. no benefits, extra paperwork), the inflexibility and continuity problems from traditional employment (e.g. the problem of health and retirement benefits not following employees whenever they change employers), and the hurdles employers have dealing with staffing agencies (underpaid, uncommitted workers looking around for permanent employment, lack of transparency, etc.).

By actually employing contract workers in California, the company provides them full benefits, and complete transparency in fees (it takes only a small margin compared to most staffing agencies, which can take half or even 75% of a professional's earnings, and not inform them of the margin). Equipping them with a corp to corp contract, makes it easier and more professional for both the client business and the contractor. And providing benefits like health care and retirement plans that actually follow the employee from position to position, since they retain a relationship with Free Agent Source, opens up whole new job markets for job seekers wanting the security of traditional employment, and the flexibility and freedom of contracting but without the attendant hassle of solo contracting.

Free Agent Source (FAS) representative Daniel DiGriz says, "We're not a placement company, a staffing agency, or a business opportunity in disguise. To quote Monty Python, we felt the time had come for something completely different." DiGriz says "Free Agents" are a hybrid between contract professional and traditional employee, with none of the hassles of either and all of the benefits of both." Says DiGriz, "It's the best of two worlds, with some extra perks added in."

HR departments, hiring managers, and project teams, says the company, are likely to find strong benefits to bringing back laid off workers as Free Agents, even after the economy fully recovers. "The benefits for all parties are too great to be ignored," Pruneau said today. "If you can avoid the risks associated with traditional employment, and the hassles of using staffing agencies, while actually attracting the best, most committed talent, because they're well-paid without extra cost to you, have benefits, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility contracting provides them, without having to constantly do the back office paperwork, you've got a winning combination that changes the game for everyone. It's a completely new deal."

The company is offering free 20-minute webinars to acquaint people with the concept and help companies and individuals get acquainted as well, at their web site, Registration is still available, but "pick a day and do it now," DiGriz said, "because web 'seats' are filling up."

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Steve Pruneau