Unicorn to Publish 'How You Can Survive Divorce' with Insider Tips & Advice by Women for Women

Divorce is difficult and painful for women, but many survive and thrive after a divorce. A new ebook is soliciting advice and tips for women from women who have been through a divorce, and learned something about the system, men and themselves.

Atlanta, GA, July 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences that can happen to a woman. It often means heartbreak and suffering along with tears and a sense of loss. It can mean financial hardship and starting over. Worst of all can be the impact on the kids.

But somehow, some way, women survive divorce. They find the courage within, pick up the pieces of a broken life and move onward and upward.

If you are one of these women, your story needs to be told. Your story about what happened, how you moved on and what you learned from the experience can help other women get through their divorce.

"How You Can Survive Divorce," part of the continuing "How You Can Survive" series on important life issues, will be an e-book containing the lessons learned from divorce. These lessons include what to be careful of, what to do (and not do), how to minimize the impact on kids, ensuring that you get what is coming to you, and much more. It is a guidebook to leaving the past behind and moving on to a better and brighter future.

Unicorn, the publisher of "How You Can Survive Divorce," is seeking submissions for the digital book. The submission can be any length, but should address three issues: "What caused the divorce?"; "How did you survive the divorce?"; and "What can other women learn from your divorce?"

"We are actively encouraging women to share their stories about thriving after a divorce, because only women know what other women go through during a divorce," said Nikki Adams, chief editor at Unicorn. "This book seeks to help other women avoid heartache, save money and make a better life for themselves."

Submissions appearing in the book will be professionally edited. Authors will receive a free digital copy, plus 10% of the profits will go to a non-profit dedicated to helping women and children affected by divorce. The e-book will be sold through such booksellers as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and many more. To ensure that as many women as possible benefit, the book will be sold for less than $5.

For information on how to submit your story to "How You Can Survive Divorce," visit http://www.howyoucansurvive.com. The site also has information and resources for those who may be facing a divorce. Copies can be reserved at a 20% discount.

The companion Facebook page -- How You Can Survive Divorce -- keeps women up-to-date with the latest general information and events concerning divorce.

For more information, contact: howyoucansurvive (at) gmail.com.

Nikki Adams