Arc’s Order Book Flooding Since Lincoln Gets on Board

Since adding the Lincoln brand to its repertoire, Goscor Arc (GA), which previously offered Esab only, has seen its order book grow in leaps and bounds.

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 17, 2010 --( GA MD Rob Pirie says that with these two world leaders on board, his company is able to offer a wider range of solutions to its customers. “The quality of their research and development, product and service enables us to offer our customers a significant range of superior machines and consumables that fit the tailor-made welding solutions we offer our customers,” he says.

One of these customers is the Kulungile Metals Group (KMG) Richards Bay, which has taken delivery of an ESAB Falcon CXL-P 3500 high definition plasma cutting machine with an oxyfuel combination.

KMG Richards Bay branch manager Neeraj Singh says he is more than satisfied with both the performance of the machine and the quality of Goscor’s service. “The quality of the ESAB Falcon’s cut is outstanding and one of its major advantages over competing products is that one can mark and cut at the same time,” says Singh.

‘Cutting-edge’ is no exaggeration when it comes to the ESAB Falcon CXL-P 3500. It is world-leading technology able to cut carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It has a cut area of 3m in width and 13m in length and, with its m3™ Mechanised Plasma Cutting System power supply, it can cut thicknesses from 1mm to 30mm. “Moreover, with the oxyfuel attachment it will handle mild steel up to 200mm thick,” says Goscor Arc’s cutting manager Sean Moriarty.

Another customer is Murray & Roberts company, Energy Fabrication, which has now taken delivery of all 90 Lincoln V350PRO welding machines complete with LN74 wire feeders and 30 Easy Arc 200 amp inverters for its onsite workshops at Medupi Power Station and 50 Esab L405 Mig machines with L304 wire feeders and 40 Origo Arc MMA 300 AMP machines for its work at the Kusile power station.

In yet another important deal, structural steel contractor MM&G Mining and Engineering Services has taken delivery of 2 x Esab A2100 sub arc systems, 2 x Esab rail track welding systems for vertical up welding, 8 x Esab 500TW MIG welding systems and the new Esab PC1600 plasma cutting and gouging unit all for its workshop at Medupi where it will be building the chimney stacks.

MM&G project manager Tommie Muller says the excellent service and product are helping them significantly on site. “They are both world class,” he says.

On Esab business in general Pirie is buoyant. “Precision plasma and plasma cutting technology is the fastest growing cutting technology in the world with many previous users of laser technology having changed to this technology. And South Africa is no different,” says Pirie. “Apart from contractors like MM&G, many of the leading cutting specialists like Sentinel Steel, NSSC (National Stainless Steel Centre) and TW Profiles have bought Esab machines because of the obvious advantages of the technology.”

According to Pirie, Esab plasma machines significantly reduce costs while maintaining, or even improving, the quality of the cut.

“In many areas of cutting, where previously only laser technology was used, plasma and precision plasma technology is achieving better results. But crucially these results are being attained at significantly reduced cost,” says Pirie. “It is generally accepted that there is a 60% reduction in up-front costs as well as a 60% reduction in the ongoing operation cost of the plasma and precision plasma machines.”

On the Lincoln front Pirie is equally enthusiastic. He says it has launched a new sub arc welding tractor known as ‘Cruiser Tractor’ with the new Power Wave AC/DC1000 power source. “We have sold four of these systems since the launch in February this year. It is a great system and we are delighted about our success with it.”

He adds that he is also excited about having sold the first of Esab’s new A6 sub arc tractor bringing to ten the number of sub arc systems sold by Goscor Arc in South Africa this year at a value of over R3 million.

“With the two leading welding brand names in the world, we are able to provide our customers with solutions for an even wider range of applications,” says Pirie. “But, despite the fact that we are experts in the products of these two leading brands, I must emphasise that we provide total solutions to welding challenges.”

“In essence the company will continue providing its customers with the most cost effective and efficient solution for their welding needs irrespective of what equipment or service is required,” Pirie concluded.

Goscor Arc, part of the Goscor Group of Companies, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary - has, since 1934, provided innovative solutions to a wide range of leading OEM’s, welding fabricators and contractors across a wide spectrum of welding applications including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or hard facing.

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