SuiteMed Applauds the Meaningful Use Final Ruling

The Meaningful Use Final Ruling Confirms Electronic Health Records Solution Providers Readiness for Meaningful Use.

Canonsburg, PA, July 17, 2010 --( SuiteMed, LLC applauds the long-awaited final rules from the US Health and Human Services Department on “Meaningful Use” of an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The law signed by President Obama on February 17, 2009 to provide incentive payments to physicians and hospitals that demonstrate the “meaningful use” of an Electronic Health Record was to drive health care technology adoption. “Since that time physicians have been hesitant in adopting and using Electronic Health Records, but now that the final requirements for Stage 1 have been released, physicians can move forward with confidence in selecting an EHR,” says Mark Kozak, vice president of business development of SuiteMed, LLC. “We’re pleased to see the final Meaningful Use criteria, which reconfirms SuiteMed’s technology readiness to meet the requirements for securing stimulus incentives.

The final rule gives eligible professionals flexibility in meeting and reporting certain objectives for demonstrating meaningful use. With a commitment to not only support but assist clients in meeting these objectives, SuiteMed IMS’s ease of use and unique built-in meaningful use reporting tools will prove invaluable for providers.

On the heels of the final ruling and after conducting an in-depth review of the regulations, SuiteMed anticipates releasing a guided pathway to Meaningful Use with SuiteMed solutions. The focus will be on the final ruling updates and how SuiteMed IMS can be leveraged to achieve meaningful use at an affordable price for both the new EHR user and early adopters. To help providers start implementing with confidence SuiteMed will also continue with their Stimulus Guarantee program.

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