Innovative Credit Consultants Donates to the National Wildlife Federation

Innovative Credit Consultants contributes to the costly challenge of reviving the Gulf due to the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe.

Suffern, NY, July 18, 2010 --( The recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been a tragedy for all Americans. This disaster has caused harm to coastal ecosystems and industries. While today brings hope that a new cap is sealing the oil leak, the damage to marine life, land and sea is severe. Relief efforts to restore the Gulf are costly and require a long term commitment. Innovative Credit Consultants remains disheartened and wants to help. Innovative Credit Consultants appreciates the heart, intelligence and work ethic of the National Wildlife Federation. While it is not feasible to physically contribute to NWF efforts, Innovative Credit Consultants hopes a donation will aid the professionals tending to the waters, the beaches and sea life.

The NWF has reported that toxic oil has already killed birds, fish, sea turtles and polluted the waters and beaches. This disaster is far from being fixed or cleaned up and demands serious, continual support. Innovative Credit Consultants believes the NWF will successfully help protect and restore life and land impacted by this tremendous catastrophe.

Innovative Credit Consultants has been fortunate during a time when other businesses are closing. Innovative Credit Consultants organized a task force committee to contribute during times of crisis. The National Wildlife Federation will not quit on this oil spill and will help revive the ecosystem, tourist industry, fishing industry and quality of life for animals. Right now National Wildlife Federation volunteers are providing wild life rescue and care.

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